Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Fun

The lighting on this photo happened by accident. But I really liked how it turned out!

Hey, y'all! (I'm saying this with an incredibly countrified accent, by the way. Don't ask me why.) I just wanted to do a quicky post about my Halloween costume this year! I love Halloween, and it's not because of the candy (though that's nice) or the being scared out of your wits (don't really care for that. It's the fact that for one day a year children AND grown-a$$ people can dress up in as crazy outfits as they can imagine and no one thinks twice about it! Because, let's get real for a moment, okay? We've all seen one of THOSE people - you know - those FULL GROWN people who walk around every day dressed as fairies, or as though they just stepped out of the Matrix. They. Look. Completely. Crazy. But if every day were Halloween, it wouldn't be a problem!
This was my original inspiration...

I was a little bummed this year. I had this amazing costume and I was so excited to wear it, but I found myself in the same predicament as I do every year: All dressed up and no where to go! I'm know there were some raucous Halloween parties near my apartment building (I heard them...very late at night), but I'm so NOT a party person. So I did what I wanted to: I wore my costume around my apartment while I made dinner and watched a couple movies! :D

I had some issues finding a costume when I first started looking. First of all, plus-size costumes are crazy expensive peeps! I was amazed (and not in a good way). I wasn't going to lay down $100+ dollars for a cheap polyester dress that barely covered my hoo-hah ( know what I'm talking about.) that I'd only wear one day of the year and probably not the next year at that! Secondly, speaking of hoo-hah...what's with all the slutty costumes? I mean seriously! I was scrolling down page after page of slutty nurse, slutty teacher, slutty air force pilot, slutty disney princess. Can't women get better options? Or is this really what women, even plus-size women, like to wear? I mean, I'm not getting down on the luscious ladies who get "dressed up" for their man, but I've definitely seen women wearing these just-shy-of-illegal get ups. WHAD UP WIT DAT?

Okay...I'm done ranting. Now on to MY costume. I had an idea in my head and so the first place I looked was my go to find-everything-you-need-in-one-place place, Amazon! God, I love Amazon. I found the perfect military hat there first. They also have khaki and army green for the different branches of the military I assume. Then I figured I should push the military imagery a little further with some medals or something, which I also found on Amazon here. They are plastic, but I was surprised to see how much they actually looked like metal! While still browsing Amazon, I figured I should get some vintage-y inspired/looking heels. I came across these:

Pleaser Women's Vanity-442 Mary Jane Pump, Amazon

They were perfect. Not comfortable to walk in at all (haha) but a surprisingly sexy shoe to add to the pin-up vibe I was going for. Not to mention - from what I could tell - well made for the price. Read the customer reviews though! Apparently the Pleaser shoe brand has notoriously inconsistent sizing. I ordered half a size up and that worked well for me. They fit perfectly.

Lastly, I had to find a dress. I looked for a long time for this final, and essential, piece of my costume. It was almost like it was meant to be: about a week before Halloween, a new dress popped up on Target's website. It. Was. Perfect! It was navy, had a little retro-inspired white collar, and the best part? I knew I could wear it again once Halloween was over. Take that, over-priced costume retailers!!! And I knew it was ordained to be when I saw that the navy of the dress matched the navy of the hat PERFECTLY! That might sound a little OCD, but I'm telling you it would've thrown off the aesthetics of the whole thing if I had had two shades of navy that were close but still obviously different. Check out the dress:

Merona® Women's Ponte Dress, Target

Isn't it darling?! At this point, I thought my costume was complete. But as I was looking at myself I realized something was a little off. The hat just was NOT working with my short hair (did I mention I hacked all my hair off? Well, a professional did so it looks nice. :D). I added one last thing and I think that's what took this costume to a whole new, and may I just say epic, level. I had bought a couple wigs a few weeks back and had yet to wear either of them. One was made of burgundy fibers and was styled into a side ponytail with a braid and side-swept bangs.

It was amazing. Once I put on the wig and everything else, including the iconic red lips and black cat eye, it just WORKED. I almost wish I could walk around like that every day. But I can't (and if you're wondering why, please refer back to the first paragraph of this post). 


Sorry about the bad quality on those last two pics. The only way I could get a full body shot was with my laptop and the camera quality is obviously quite bad! Well...this turned into much more of a "quicky post" than I anticipated. But I find once I get writing it's really hard for my to shut up. But I'm going to shut now. Really....I promise. :P

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