Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY FRIDAY: Patricia Michaels Fringe Dress Preview

photo curtesy of
I've been a long-time viewer of the show Project Runway. I started watching about Season 2 and from then on I watched religiously, including the spin-offs "Project Runway: Accessories" and "Project Runway: All Stars." I think my favorite designer of all time from that show is Austin Scarlett (I's a cliché answer!)

Anyway, I just finished up the most recent season not long ago and this is where my most recent DIY project was inspired. The photo above is a design by Patricia Michaels, the contemporary Native American designer who was runner up. When I first saw her audition designs I was a little skeptical, I'll admit. But I have to say I was awed by almost every single design she made. I wouldn't ever wear many of them, but they were so innovative and, at times, other-worldly that I couldn't help but be drawn in (the garment in the flower shop / hardware store episode was absolutely incredible). And I also appreciated her use of traditional techniques in modern design. While I think they picked the right designer to win that season of Project Runway, I also think her place as runner up was wholly deserved.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fun with Faces

I was browsing Facebook today and came across a friend who had posted pics of herself as different races. I remember an old Oprah episode my mom and I watched where they showed her what she would look like as different races. From that day on, I wanted SO BADLY to see what I would look like. So when I came across my friend's post of FB, and saw it was a free (!!!) service, I jumped all over it!

Below you'll find the pics of myself.

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog

So here are my faces! I don't think I need to describe them as I've already labeled them. The website offers many more options (baby, opposite sex, etc.) but these ones were my favorites (and they looked the most realistic). It's so freaky, because in the caucasian pic, I feel like I look so much like my mom. When I saw it I was a little creeped out. Not because she's ugly or anything, but because I kind of knew I looked a bit like her, but I guess the black side in me dulled that. She's caucasian so I guess if I had had a white father I would have looked just like her!

My absolute FAVORITE is the Mucha one. I'm am obsessed with the Art Nouveau movement, which, of course, means I am obsessed with Alphonse Mucha (the premier artist of the movement). When I saw they offered his style as an option I literally felt my heart beat faster. That's how much I love him!  My dad said I looked like a man in the Mucha pic, which maybe I can see...a VERY attractive man. :P I love that one so much I'm actually inspired to paint an entire canvas. To see myself in a Mucha-style painting would be glorious. Okay, I'm gonna shut up about that now.

Go to the link and take a look for yourselves! It's quite fun (and very addicting).

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

OOTD: Kirna Zabête for Target

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Kirna Zabête Long-sleeve High-Low Hem, Target, (OLD)
Fab Skinny Jeans (Regular) [in Black], F21+, $13.50
Steve Madden P-Heaven,, $24.00

This is just going to be a really quick post. I wore this to my sister's birthday party at my grandparent's house last sunday. I was actually a little...questioning my decision to wear a pretty sheer shirt. Geez, when I type it out like that it sounds totally trampy. WHO WEARS SHEER SHIRTS TO THEIR GRANDPARENTS' HOUSE?!?!?! Apparently I do. At least this Kirna Zabête top from Target has what I like to call "modesty panels" down the front, so my boobs weren't completely hanging out...

(P.S- I've updated my Tradsey closet with several new clothing and jewelry items! Take a look here!)

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Monday, May 27, 2013

OOTD: Feeling Spacey

(First, I would just like to send a shout-out to my amazeballs sister on her 24th birthday! She's awesome and everything anyone should want in a sister. Love you sissy! :P)

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
ASOS Top with Peplum in Space Print, ASOS, (SALE!) $33.09
Dome Stud Hoops, F21, $3.80
Mossimo Ankle Skinny Pant (Fit 3) in Black, Target (SOLD OUT) (Similar here and here)

Sorry for the poor quality in all of my pictures! I normally wouldn't even consider putting them up on my blog, but I want to be consistent about posting OOTD posts, and it was an amazing outfit. I was planning on taking better pictures in my usual spot, but I had to walk home this day and I was tired and hot, so it was either these crappy pics or no pics at all. And like I said: it was an awesome outfit so I felt like crappy pics would have to do.

This was the first time I wore this top from ASOS. When I saw it was on sale a while ago I knew I had to have it. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find plus size clothes in a space/cosmic/galaxy print. DO YOU?!?!? Well, it's really hard so I thought even if I had to jam my back fat into this bad boy I was going to make it work. :P

Luckily, with the right bra and compression underwear (ooooh, sexy! <<< not.), I got into the top without it looking half bad! I paired it with slim black trousers from Target to offset the largeness of the peplum. I took these photos  just before I took everything off and put on stretchy pants and a tank, so you don't get to see the wig I wore this day. Yes, I have "normal" hair, but my hair is so curly and wild sometimes and I'm WAY too lazy to do all that blow drying and straightening nonsense that I simply pop on a wig from time to time and go on my merry way. It seems weird to me that some people think it's weird to wear wigs recreationally, but I think they make a lot of sense if you want to change your hair up regularly. But who knows? Maybe it's just a black person thing (yes, I can say that because I'm black...partly.)

Below are some detail shots. I LOOOOVE the earrings from F21 (seriously, only $3.80!)! They are so ghetto fabulous. Big and gaudy (that has become my unofficial motto) just like me! :D

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion BlogToasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: Forever21 Shoes

From Top, left to right: Gianmarco Lorenzi Gold-tone Cap & Heel Shoe ($844.00 - can be found on sale here), Kate Spade New York Suede Mesh Lace-up Bootie ($350.00), Forever21 Mirrored Platform Pumps ($34.80), Forever21 Mesh Lace-up Booties ($29.80)

This week's Look-Alikes post is brought to you by the ever-fabulous Forever21! I've been shopping at Forever21 since I was in middle school. Every year my mom and I would drive all the way up to Portland to get to the nearest store and do my school shopping. Then they opened a store in our local mall and it was amazing! Unfortunately, I don't fit into about 90% of the stuff they offer in the straight-sized section anymore, but I love the Forever21+ line! (Unfortunately [again] they don't carry the plus-size stuff in my mall's store, so I have to shop online). 

Most F21 stuff looks like what it is: trendy but inexpensive items that will probably only last you one season. However, every once and a while, F21 blows my socks off with a garment or a piece of jewelry that looks way more expensive than it is. Or in this case, shoes that look extraordinarily similar to higher-end designer ones.

On the top row you'll see Gianmarco Lorenzi's gold cap toe and heel pumps. So sexy! :P  By the way, be EXTRA CAREFUL when buying the Lorenzis! I spotted some sites that clearly advertised themselves as selling knock-offs and had spelling errors in the FAQ's section AND were linked to a Yahoo email address. All of this adds up to me as being very suspicious and more than likely a scam. So please shop with caution!

Also, on the top row is the one, the only, Kate Spade mesh lace-up booties. Now, I'm not much of an open-toed shoe kind of gal, but I reallllly like these Kate Spades! That is a bad-ass shoe right there. Plus I imagine the mesh keeps your foot cool! But at $350.00, it's a little out of my realm of possibilities. 

And that's where F21 steps in! Their shoes are always reasonably priced, and always trendy! So maybe the F21 mesh booties are an exact match, but they're pretty darn close! And the F21 mirrored pumps have a hidden platform and more of an almond-shaped toe box, but they're definitely the closet shoe I've ever seen to the Lorenzis.

All in all, if I ever had to find a pair of shoes that were stylish and inexpensive, I'm just saying the first place I'd look is Forever21. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

OOTD: Saturday Siesta

Mossimo® Women's Long Sleeve High-Low Sweater, Target, (SUPER SALE!!!) $8.74
Tinley Road Antique Leaf Pendant Necklace, Piperlime, (SOLD OUT)

Ikat Flippy Skirt, Lane Bryant, $44.95
Sueded Bow Back Ballet Flat, Charlotte Russe, (SOLD OUT) (Similar here)

Went out to dinner with the parents tonight. Showcasing the flippy ikat skirt from Lane Bryant I raved about a few post ago. In this outfit I felt like a cross between a piece of fruit and a Mexican fiesta.

I'm wearing a new lipgloss that my mom passed to me (we're different skin tones) and it is quickly becoming a favorite. It's Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in "006 Strawberry Fraise." It's so bright and pretty - perfect for spring/summer!

...I guess I just don't like writing a lot when it's an outfit post. I feel my mind go blank...what am I supposed to say? "This was what I wore today." Then what? I imagine you (who are reading this) don't really care why I chose what I chose or anything else I could possibly blather on about. So I'll just leave it at this: HERE IS WHAT I WORE TODAY.  :D

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Friday, May 24, 2013

DIY FRIDAY: Oscar de la Renta Tassel Earrings

I mostly followed the DIY instructions given here, but being a bit of a recreational beader myself, I modified a few things to suit the components I already had. The blue stone was going to pose the biggest problem - I couldn't find anything close at my local Michael's. It was merely by chance that I stumbled upon these tumbled stones my mom had laying around and I could hardly believe how close of a match the blue stone was to the beads! So I wrapped up the stone in a cloth and clobbered it with a hammer until I had two relatively similar-sized chunks. And from there I simply glued them to the earring post with jeweler's glue.

Looking at it now, I will probably go back and use clear beading wire I recently acquired instead of the thin beading wire. The tassels are too stiff and don't hand or move like real tassels enough for my tastes.  You can see in the picture the strings are kind of going off in different directions. But other than that, I am very happy with the results and will begin on the second earrings soon (hopefully!).

I have an excited preview of my most recent DIY project (a sewing one!) that I can't wait to share. Tune back next friday! Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Emerald City

Photo curtesy of
You know, my little city of Eugene is known as "the Emerald City" because it's so green here. In fact, we have a bus system called the Emerald Express (EmEx for short). So it only seems fitting that I write about Pantone naming Emerald the color of the 2013 year - and let me just say I am all about it. It is one of those elusive universally flattering colors! I took some time to look up some of my favorite picks of emerald in plus-size fashion (and accessories of course!).

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
1. Round Gemstone Stackable Ring, JC Penney, $35.00
2. Emerald Satin Bustier & G-String Set, Torrid, (SOLD OUT) (available in black here)
3. Women's Meridian Reversible Cable Hat, Land's End, (SALE) $17.99
4. Calvin Klein Plus Size Block Print Maxi, Zappos, $139.50
5. NYDJ Plus Size Plus Size Alisha Fitted Ankle Jean in Colored Denim, 6PM, $34.99
6. Mossimo Supply Co.  Plus-Size Long-Sleeve Pullover Top, Target, $22.99
7. Women's Plus Boyfriend Cardis, Old Navy, (SALE) $12.99
8. Rachel Pally Plus Plus Size Viva Dress, 6PM, (SOLD OUT) (similar here, and a sexier version here)
9. ASOS Mini Tote Bag With Tassel Detail, ASOS, $42.43

And there you have it! I personally have my eye focused very keenly on the ASOS tote bag (being short, it is extraordinarily hard to find fashionable bags that don't overwhelm me!) and the stackable emerald ring from JCP (also available in every birth that price I might have to get a sapphire as well...)

I tried to be as diverse with the selections as possible. It was actually pretty hard to find all the things I did, partly because of price (I didn't think anything over $150 is practical for the every-day woman), partly because of size issues (trendy plus-size clothing is always a hunt), and partly because not everything emerald green is labeled "emerald" so I had to expand my search with just "green."

All in all, I think the prices are very reasonable for each piece - in some cases I would even call it an amazing deal! That's all I have for today, so enjoy and happy shopping from the Emerald City!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flip, Flip, Hooray!: Lane Bryant Ikat Flippy Skirt

May I introduce you to the newest addition to my wardrobe?

Lane Bryant
Ikat Flippy Skirt, Lane Bryant, $44.95

I stopped by Lane Bryant with my mom yesterday to get some new bras (major score!: clearance bras were only $19.99!!!) and, of course, couldn't help but look around a bit. :D As it so happens, this skirt was hanging up near the front of the store and I was instantly taken in by the multi-colored mexi-cali-slash-tribal ikat print and the smooth silky drape of the fabric. My mom loved the same skirt in gray.

Unfortunately, I was only there to replace my fraying bras (I wear those suckers to their last dying breath) so I sadly walked away. Fortunately, as I was to later discover, the coupon I had gathered before heading out to the store was a $50 off $250 and my mom was short about fourteen bucks. She looked at me and asked if there was anything else I wanted and I gleefully responded that I had indeed. 

So that's how it all went down. I came home with an armload of new (and pretty!) bras and a fabulous summer skirt. It's so comfortable!!! I anticipate wearing it many times this summer!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

OOTD: Prabal-licious

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
ASOS Open Link Chain Collar Necklace, ASOS, (SOLD OUT) (similar here, here, and here)
Prabal Gurung For Target® Sweatshirt in First Date Print, Target, (There are a few sweatshirts floating around EBAY for outrageous prices, but most are small sizes)
Fab Skinny Jean, Forever21+, $14.80
Flats, Charlotte Russe, (SOLD OUT) 
(similar herehere, and here)

I try not to let my OOTD posts get too long. I feel like the picture should speak for itself. I apologize for the blurry picture! My dad only took two, and he has the tendency to take blurry pictures (god bless his heart! :D) This was the better of the two - if you can believe it - but I liked this outfit so much I had to post it despite the awkward pose and out-of-focus...ness.

Here I'm rocking the Prabal Gurung for Target sweatshirt. I went into great detail about this item in a post not long ago about my Target haul, so I won't say much here expect I still love it. (Only bad thing about it is that Target offered XL as the largest size, so I bought that even though I suspect a XXL would have been better. The sweatshirt tends to ride up a bit.) I also swtiched up the hair and tried a Janelle Monae-esque pouf. I actually kind of liked it.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: Jil Sander Liquirizia Skirt

Bonjour, konnichiwa, and hello! This sunday's Look-Alikes segment is brought to us by the feminine and classic Jil Sander. I really love writing these segments because about 95% I happen to just stumble across articles of clothing and incidentally remember seeing something (for cheaper) that looked almost exactly the same! I tell ya', it's some kind of rush. Anyway, moving on, this Jil Sander Liquirizia skirt is made of a pleated stretch cotton-poplin fabric. It goes to the knee and has a nice A-line shape, with a hidden zipper in the back. Originally selling for $880.00, (yes, AMERICAN dollars) it is now on sale for a mere (ha!) $352.00. 

Jil Sander Liquirizia Skirt, (SALE) $352

I will admit, it is a beautiful skirt that would flatter many body types. The quality is apparent in the rich color and the fine pleats, but if you're like me (ah...budget strapped), you'll want to know if there is any kind of less expensive alternative. And it is my greatest pleasure to tell you: there is!

Mossimo® Womens Pleated Skirt, Target, $19.99

May I introduce you to the Mossimo Women's Pleated Skirt? I actually have this skirt in my closet and I wore it the other day! It's so flirty and feminine and the coral color is perfect for summer (not to mention surprisingly versatile.) There is no zipper in the Mossimo skirt, just a stretchy waistband (no gathered elastic look). Plus, the Mossimo skirt is made of polyester-rayon blend fabric as opposed to cotton, but I kind of prefer that. You never have to worry about wrinkles or shrinkage in the dryer with this skirt.

Well, there you have it: the perfect coral skirt. Happy shopping!

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy 2 Week Anniversary!

Hooray! (And they said it wouldn't last!)

You're probably thinking, "two weeks...what's so special about that?" Well, first of all, I forgot to post for my one week anniversary, so...yeah. And second of all, I've always had a problem following through with projects. I get these big ideas in my head and then end up getting bored and giving up soon after. While it may not be a big deal to most people, it's a very big deal for me. (Plus I just like celebrating stuff, haha! :P) I still feel involved and motivated to keep this blog rolling and keep expanding my blogger horizons. Next on the list is to buy a dot-com domain name, but that will be a bit later.

Anyway, this was never meant to be a long post. I just wanted to document the moment. Stay awesome my friends!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

DIY FRIDAY: L Boleyn Necklace

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
[P.S - I might be making a step-by-step tutorial that is easier to follow in the future if anyone is interested?]

I've been obsessed with the Tudors since I was a kid. I loved the decadence and the political intrigue (seriously! It seemed like everyone wanted everyone else dead!) One of my favorite people is Anne Boleyn. She was a genius the way she wormed her way into King Henry VIII favor (ahem - and his bed). She came from a nobody family and wound up the Queen of England! I mean, she got the King to create a new church just to marry her!

Anyway, one of the books I read as a kid was the "diary" (written by a contemporary author of course) of Mary Tudor. And she writes in it that Anne Boleyn has a mole (which is apparently the mark of a witch) on her neck which she hides with a pearl necklace that has a "B" pendant. As I grew up, I found out that the necklace was a real historical artifact and Anne had had her portrait painted with the necklace on!
Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Pearl drops are from my D&G earrings project!
Well, a few days ago I was hit out of nowhere with the desire to make a replication of that necklace. I had all the stuff: pearls (fake), clay, gold spray paint, clear fishing wire, crimping beads, and a hook and clasp. It took about 2 hours max to make. I made the L by printing out an L on Microsoft Word, using an X-acto knife to cut the "L" out (to make a stencil), then used the X-acto knife to cut the clay using the stencil. I threaded the pearl beads on the clear fishing wire while the spray paint was drying and it all came together at the same time in the end.

I didn't let the paint dry quite as thoroughly as I should have before flipping the pendant over and spraying the other side - as you can see in the pic, it's a little rough looking. But I actually came to like it. It has a textured look that makes it look a little older I think. 

The pendant lies just above my bust and I LOVE it! It came out way better than I was expecting. I've worn it once already and anticipate wearing it much more in the future!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Fashion Icon: Ulyana Sergeenko

Fashion Icon
All images curtesy of Google Images

I would like to introduce you all to one of the most fabulous, most ingenious, most gorgeous, most original, most make-you-want-to-stab-your-own-eyes-out-she's-so-perfect woman, the one, the only Miss Ulyana Sergeenko. I tell you, this woman can do it all: photography, styling, blogging, clothing design, taking care of two kids, and let's not forget the occasional modeling job. 

I'm serious! It's like everything about her is perfect! Her hair, her makeup (hello, frickin' amazing lipstick application skillz!) her jewelry, her clothes - IT'S ALL IMMACULATE! (If it sounds like I have an unhealthy obsession with her, it's probably because I do.) I have a folder on my computer of probably over 100 pictures of just her. Okay...the more I talk about this, I'll admit, the creepier it's sounding.

I started following Ulyana when I saw a picture of her a couple years ago on the at fashion week. I don't remember what she was wearing, but I do remember being hooked after that. I had never seen anyone with a style like hers. It seemed like most fashion icons fell into one category or the other: totally off the fashion deep end (i.e - a little crazy looking), or pulled together yet nothing really POPPED (they just felt a little conventional). But Ulyana reconciled both categories. She was fashion forward with the shapes, textures, and fabrics she wore, yet classic in the styling. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fashion Haul! : Target

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
1) Lightwash Chambray Blouse, Target, (SOLD OUT) (Similar herehere and here)
2) Mossimo® Women's Long Sleeve High-Low Sweater, Target, (SUPER SALE!!!) $8.74
3) Merona® Womens Plus-Size 3/4-Sleeve Fashion Lace Top, Target, (similar here, here, and here)

4) Pure Energy Junior's Plus-Size 3/4-Sleeve Pullover Sweater, Target, (SOLD OUT)
5) Mossimo® Women's Long Sleeve Sweater Jacket w/ Gold Foil, Target, (SALE) $27.98
6) Kirna Zabete for Target® Long-sleeve High-Low Blouse in Geometric Print, Target, (SOLD OUT)
7) Merona® Womens Sleeveless Button Up Ponte Dress, Target, (similar here and here)
8) Mossimo® Women's V-Neck Cap Sleeve Dress, Target, $27.99
9) Mossimo® Womens Casual Illusion Maxi Skirt, Target, $22.99
10) Mossimo® Womens Pleated Skirt, Target, $19.99
11) Womens Mossimo Supply Co. Lunea Oxford, Target, $14.99
12) Prabal Gurung For Target® Sweatshirt in First Date Print, Target, (SOLD OUT)
13) Prabal Gurung For Target® Wedge Sandal with Ankle Strap, Target, (similar here

Okay then! This is Part I of a three part exposé of my most recent purchases. Geez...listening to that it makes it sound like I shop all the time and have an unlimited budget! Which is only partly true, hee hee. Actually, my budget varies and though I "window" shop online almost every day, my usual buying strategy involves buying lots of items at once. And this doesn't take into account that I return things as well. Also, I rarely pay full price for anything. May I recommend Seriously, this website has changed my life! I always check there before buying anything online.

I've already talked about the chambray top in my OOTD post previously so I won't talk about it here other than to say that I still love it. The lime Mossimo (which is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers that cater to larger ladies) sweater is also fantastic. I'm sure it will pop up in an OOTD pretty soon. It's actually quite thick, so it may be better for fall. Also, it runs VERY SHORT. I'm short waisted, and even I think it's a teensy bit too short. Other than that, it drapes well and I adore the color.

The cream lace top by Merona is worn often as well. It looks great with a leather skirt I got at F21+. It has something of a mix between a v-neck and a scoop-neck which I kind of dig. The lace is lovely, and I think it looks more expensive than it is.

I LOVE the Pure Energy sweater!!! The color looks great against my skin and the fabric weave is jusssst loose enough to get a hint of my bra if I wear a black one (very sexy). Plus the deep scoop is very flattering to the bust and the fabric drapes so well. the only complaint would be that it is a bit too long on me (I'm ridiculously short-waisted). The rounded hem is awesome though.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

OOTD: A Day for Celebrating Mothers

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Basic Black 3/4 Sleeve Tee - Costco (I don't know if they still sell them...)
ASOS Draped Skirt in Metallic, ASOS, (SALE) $13.58
Eyelet Lace Ballet Flat, Charlotte Russe, $22.50

French Connection Long Drop Earring, ASOS (SOLD OUT) (You can buy them here for $15.55)

Hello, all! This will be just a quick OOTD post - what I wore to Mother's Day brunch with the parents.  My mom isn't very picky or sentimental, so we just went to our favorite vintage-diner-themed restaurant, Terry's Diner. I got a delicious Eggs Benedict (my favorite!) and just about licked the plate clean, as you can see in the pic to the left.
After that, we took a quick detour to Jerry's so Mom could pick up one of her favorite plants, a "Blush of Dawn" fuchsia. I snapped a quick pic of one of MY favorite plants, a lilac! It smelled so good!

Anyway, that's all I have for today. Happy mother's day mom! I love you!

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LOOK-ALIKES: Oscar de la Renta Bead Tassel Earrings

Good afternoon, one and all! Today's Look-Alikes feature is brought to you by Oscar de la Renta. Below, you will see the ODLR earrings. Of course, they are fabulous. They are unique. They are also $395.00 dollars (eek!). So unless you have about $400 bucks just laying around somewhere (if you do...I hate you.), you would never be able to afford these lovelies. 

Oscar de la Renta Long Beaded Tassel Earrings, $395.00
The rich sky-blue color and the seed beads just scream "summer" don't they? Paired with a nice floral sun dress, or even an edgier look like a tee and jeans, these earrings would go perfectly! Are you in love yet? If you are, then you'll be able to share in my joy and delight when I came across these  beauties on Etsy (god bless 'em).

Beaded Tassel Clip-On Earrings Blue Shine, $28.00
I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. They look almost EXACTLY the same!!! And as I hesitantly looked at the price, I was flabbergasted yet again! ONLY $28.00 dollars?!?!? (Can you tell I'm hyperventilating as I write this?) They are made to order, so that would probably affect the time it would take to get to you. Also important to note, these are clip-ons! if you don't have ear piercings you can rock these earrings too!

I'm actually in the middle of DIY-ing another pair of De la Renta earrings at this moment that are somewhat similar to this design, otherwise I would be ALL OVER those Etsy earrings. Happy shopping!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recent...ish Purchases

Studded Chiffon Shirt, F21+, (SOLD OUT)
Structured Studded Clutch, F21, $24.80
Striped Buttoned Top, F21+, $11.80
Rose Pattern Trousers, F21+, (SOLD OUT) (you can buy mine from my Tradesy shop here)
Rhinestoned Link Bracelet, F21, (SOLD OUT)
Lobster Silhouette Sweater, F21, $22.80
High-Low Tee, F21+, $15.80
Floral Scarf Print Button Up, F21, $22.80 (you can buy mine for a discounted price here)
Floral Paneled Pencil Skirt, F21+, $19.80
Duo-Tone Square Ring, F21, $3.80
Worthington® Sheer Button-Down Blouse - Plus, JCP, (SOLD OUT)
Worthington® Mini Skirt, JCP, (SOLD OUT)
Liz Claiborne Satin Jacquard Ankle Pants, JCP, (SALE) $25.00
OOPS! (This is the same scarf print top from F21 as listed above)
a.n.a® Woven Front Panel Tunic, JCP, (SOLD OUT)
Braided Strap Ankle Booties, F21, (SOLD OUT)
Contrast Damask Cardigan, F21+, (SOLD OUT)
Crisscross Wedge Sandals, F21 (SOLD OUT)
Playtex® Bra, 18-hour Support Soft-Cup 4608, JCP, $32.00
a.n.a® Ankle-Length Skinny Jeans- Plus, JCP, $22.00
ASOS Cropped Corset Top With Quilted Cups, ASOS, (SOLD OUT)
ASOS CURVE Blouse With Pearl Collar, ASOS Curve, (SOLD OUT)
ASOS Sweatshirt with Empire Dragon Embroidery, ASOS, (SOLD OUT)
ASOS T-Shirt with Mirror Cat Photographic Print, ASOS, (SOLD OUT) (similar: here)
ASOS CURVE Leopard Print Skinny Waist Belt, ASOS Curve, $10.18
ASOS CURVE Sweater with Stud Shoulders, ASOS Curve, (SOLD OUT)
ASOS Draped Skirt in Metallic, ASOS, (SALE) $13.30
ASOS Looped Hooped Earrings, ASOS, (SOLD OUT)
ASOS Metal Plate Peak Cap, ASOS, $30.55
ASOS Peplum Dress In Heart Print, ASOS, (SOLD OUT)

(Labeling goes from left to right)

Hey all! I thought I'd do just a quicky post about some of the stuff I've bought recently...ish. Instead of showing ALL of the pictures I got a little creative. Most of you will probably be like, "WTF? I can't even see what the garment is!" But it's my blog and that's the way I wanna' do it! HA!

The Forever21 scarf-print top and the Rose Patterned Trousers are in my Tradesy shop (which you can see if you click the tab at the top of the screen that says "shop my closet." Neither one fit the way I wanted them to despite my dearest wishes otherwise. By the time I came to grips with this it was too late to return them *TEAR*. I've had problems like this many times before. So if you feel like helping a sister out and getting a good deal in the process (shipping is free!) check it out.

I returned the Worthington Mini Skirt and the Liz Claiborne Jacquard pants because neither of them really fit right. The pants wouldn't go past my monumental thighs and the skirt was too tight in the hips. The F21 Lobster Sweater is something I just couldn't let go of, despite being tight. I love lobster motifs, so this one was really painful. I've decided it will hang in my closet until the day I either lose a bunch of weight (HA!) or cut it up and make it into a pillow.

As for all the rest, I'm happy. You probably won't see me wearing most of these things for a while because I bought these for last fall and I'm just starting to take out the spring/summer stuff. I have more recent stuff that I'll do another post on sometime soon. Hopefully before fall rolls around again, haha.

(P.S- I'd like to give a shout out to my friend Jimmy on his birthday! He's the fiercest guy I've ever known!)

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Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY FRIDAY: Dolce & Gabbana Earrings

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog

The inspiration for these earrings is the Dolce and Gabbana Summer 2013 runway shows (as seen on the left). I've been so into D&G ads lately. The feeling I get from them is's hard to describe. Luxury, yet laid back like a vacation. I don't know, I just LOVE 'em. Anyway, I follow and a few days ago they had this DIY project and I was immediately intrigued.

I had a pair of earrings I bought at Forever21 ages ago but never wore because they were so heavy. In the inspo pic, I saw the black filigree and tried looking for something similar but couldn't find anything. Then I realized I had the F21 pair which were close in shape and a brand-spankin' new can of matte black paint. It really couldn't have been more perfect! (A similar pair from ASOS can be found here) I wish I had taken a "before" picture so you guys could see the earrings before. They had pearl drops where the tassels are and the filigree was gold.

Anyway, I detached the pearls (which will be reused in a DIY project next week!) and spray painted those suckers. While I waited for them to dry, I began work on hand-tying all the tassels you see. I used the colors suggested on the PSIMadeThis website (goldenrod, yellow, navy blue, and red) but instead of using colored raffia (I was too lazy to go look for some at the craft store and too cheap to want to buy it, haha) I used sewing thread (for cross stitch). I folded the thread group in half through a jump ring and then tied a single string around the lot to make a very simple tassel (You might want to go to the PSIMadeThis link to better understand my lame instructions). Then I cut the individual strings into different lengths for some texture. As I was working with the thread it began to fray a bit, but I actually liked it so much I started fraying them all zealously myself. 

Last but not least, I used an ancient bottle of pearlized blue paint to paint the stud part of the earring to make it more authentic to my inspiration. All in all, the project took about an hour and a half - most of which was devoted to making the tassels. The earrings are still a bit heavy, but I have an idea to fix that.

I plan on wearing these this summer with a crop top and high waist skirt a la D&G ad girl in the coral ensemble below!

photo curtesy of

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