Sunday, May 12, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: Oscar de la Renta Bead Tassel Earrings

Good afternoon, one and all! Today's Look-Alikes feature is brought to you by Oscar de la Renta. Below, you will see the ODLR earrings. Of course, they are fabulous. They are unique. They are also $395.00 dollars (eek!). So unless you have about $400 bucks just laying around somewhere (if you do...I hate you.), you would never be able to afford these lovelies. 

Oscar de la Renta Long Beaded Tassel Earrings, $395.00
The rich sky-blue color and the seed beads just scream "summer" don't they? Paired with a nice floral sun dress, or even an edgier look like a tee and jeans, these earrings would go perfectly! Are you in love yet? If you are, then you'll be able to share in my joy and delight when I came across these  beauties on Etsy (god bless 'em).

Beaded Tassel Clip-On Earrings Blue Shine, $28.00
I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. They look almost EXACTLY the same!!! And as I hesitantly looked at the price, I was flabbergasted yet again! ONLY $28.00 dollars?!?!? (Can you tell I'm hyperventilating as I write this?) They are made to order, so that would probably affect the time it would take to get to you. Also important to note, these are clip-ons! if you don't have ear piercings you can rock these earrings too!

I'm actually in the middle of DIY-ing another pair of De la Renta earrings at this moment that are somewhat similar to this design, otherwise I would be ALL OVER those Etsy earrings. Happy shopping!

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