Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fashion Haul! : Target

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1) Lightwash Chambray Blouse, Target, (SOLD OUT) (Similar herehere and here)
2) Mossimo® Women's Long Sleeve High-Low Sweater, Target, (SUPER SALE!!!) $8.74
3) Merona® Womens Plus-Size 3/4-Sleeve Fashion Lace Top, Target, (similar here, here, and here)

4) Pure Energy Junior's Plus-Size 3/4-Sleeve Pullover Sweater, Target, (SOLD OUT)
5) Mossimo® Women's Long Sleeve Sweater Jacket w/ Gold Foil, Target, (SALE) $27.98
6) Kirna Zabete for Target® Long-sleeve High-Low Blouse in Geometric Print, Target, (SOLD OUT)
7) Merona® Womens Sleeveless Button Up Ponte Dress, Target, (similar here and here)
8) Mossimo® Women's V-Neck Cap Sleeve Dress, Target, $27.99
9) Mossimo® Womens Casual Illusion Maxi Skirt, Target, $22.99
10) Mossimo® Womens Pleated Skirt, Target, $19.99
11) Womens Mossimo Supply Co. Lunea Oxford, Target, $14.99
12) Prabal Gurung For Target® Sweatshirt in First Date Print, Target, (SOLD OUT)
13) Prabal Gurung For Target® Wedge Sandal with Ankle Strap, Target, (similar here

Okay then! This is Part I of a three part exposĂ© of my most recent purchases. Geez...listening to that it makes it sound like I shop all the time and have an unlimited budget! Which is only partly true, hee hee. Actually, my budget varies and though I "window" shop online almost every day, my usual buying strategy involves buying lots of items at once. And this doesn't take into account that I return things as well. Also, I rarely pay full price for anything. May I recommend RetailMeNot.com? Seriously, this website has changed my life! I always check there before buying anything online.

I've already talked about the chambray top in my OOTD post previously so I won't talk about it here other than to say that I still love it. The lime Mossimo (which is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers that cater to larger ladies) sweater is also fantastic. I'm sure it will pop up in an OOTD pretty soon. It's actually quite thick, so it may be better for fall. Also, it runs VERY SHORT. I'm short waisted, and even I think it's a teensy bit too short. Other than that, it drapes well and I adore the color.

The cream lace top by Merona is worn often as well. It looks great with a leather skirt I got at F21+. It has something of a mix between a v-neck and a scoop-neck which I kind of dig. The lace is lovely, and I think it looks more expensive than it is.

I LOVE the Pure Energy sweater!!! The color looks great against my skin and the fabric weave is jusssst loose enough to get a hint of my bra if I wear a black one (very sexy). Plus the deep scoop is very flattering to the bust and the fabric drapes so well. the only complaint would be that it is a bit too long on me (I'm ridiculously short-waisted). The rounded hem is awesome though.

The Mossimo black/gold sweater jacket is divine. I've worn it a couple times so far and haven't been disappointed. The gold is glittery but not too much for day wear, and the knit construction allows for flexibility. With the sleeves pushed up, it is a super chic item that I would strongly recommend. 

The Kirna Zabete top is unfortunately out of stock and I couldn't find it on Ebay either (sorry!) I also love this top. The pattern is awesome and I love the high-low hem. It's just so rock and roll. The sleeves are a little tight on my poochy arms, but I make it work, haha. It looks great on it own, or I've worn it underneath the Merona button up dress a couple times and loved the look.

I like the Merona button up dress a lot. I've been looking for more sleeveless dresses because I would like to layer blouses underneath (as mentioned above). This is perfect. The side zip goes up without a hitch and the fabric is nice and stretchy like ponte. The only thing I don't like is that despite this dress not being tight on me, the fabric clings to my belly. But it's nothing a little Spanx won't cure, am I right? :P

I wore the Mossimo mirror-print dress this last Easter out to brunch and church service with my parents.  It is not in the plus-size range, but I bought the XXL. It fits well (with Spanx again), but I get the impression it could become a dress that doesn't fit if I eat too much in one sitting, if you catch my drift. It was tight, but not in a "she-must-be-fooling-herself-if-she-thinks-she's-working-that-look-out" kind of way.

I've been DYING to wear this sheer skirt. I've seen so many bloggers and celebrities wearing sheer skirts recently and I wanted to join in! I looked for a long time and I was afraid I was going to have to buy one from SimplyBe, which would be fine, but at full price it made me want to gag a little. Good thing I waited! This showed up on Target.com a few months ago and it was exactly what I was looking for! The only problem is my shortness (story of my life). The skirt is way too long and now I have to wait for my mom to hem it. (This is why I need to learn how to use a sewing machine!!!) I've got big plans for this bad boy.

The coral Mossimo skirt is nice. The color is true to the pic. The pleats move fluidly and are very flattering. The waistband is quite stretchy (I'd almost say the XXL was a little big on me). The only trouble I've had with this is what to pair it with. For some reason, many of the tops I try on with it don't look good out or tucked in. And the skirt makes some tops go "old lady" on me. It's strange. But what does work with this skirt works really well.

I've already talked about these shoes in the same post as the chambray top. I shan't say any more.

Ahh....Prabal Gurung. How you move me with you graphic prints. When I first heard he was doing a collab with Target I ran around telling all my family members about it, to which their reply was, "...who?" Oh cruel world. Anyway, I was online at midnight the sunday his collection came out and I didn't have a problem getting the pieces I really wanted. There were some other nice items, but I learned from the Jason Wu collab that usually the pieces run small. So I stuck to the items I really wanted, like the unbelievably FABULOUS sweatshirt and the super chic red strap wedges. I've been dying to find the right time to wear the shoes, but I've worn the sweatshirt a couple times. I was disappointed to see the sweatshirt only went up to size XL when other pieces were 16, but I was determined to make it work. Pros: the print is out of this world. It is sporty. It is very warm and soft on the inside. Cons: It's a smidge too small for my tastes (I'm not busting out of it like a sausage, but I do like sweats to be a little roomy), it can sometimes get a little too warm. Also, it seems like it might be a little short waisted, but that could be because it's a size smaller than my usual.

Woo! I think that's everything! My hands hurt from typing so much, so I'm just going to end it here. Cheerio darlings!

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