Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy 2 Week Anniversary!

Hooray! (And they said it wouldn't last!)

You're probably thinking, "two weeks...what's so special about that?" Well, first of all, I forgot to post for my one week anniversary, so...yeah. And second of all, I've always had a problem following through with projects. I get these big ideas in my head and then end up getting bored and giving up soon after. While it may not be a big deal to most people, it's a very big deal for me. (Plus I just like celebrating stuff, haha! :P) I still feel involved and motivated to keep this blog rolling and keep expanding my blogger horizons. Next on the list is to buy a dot-com domain name, but that will be a bit later.

Anyway, this was never meant to be a long post. I just wanted to document the moment. Stay awesome my friends!

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