Wednesday, May 8, 2013

OOTD: Denim on Denim!

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Skinny Jeans, F21+, $14.80
Lightwash Chambray Blouse, Target, (SOLD OUT) (Similar herehere, and here)
Womens Mossimo Supply Co. Lunea Oxford, Target, $14.99
curtesy of
So here is another simple OOTD. I was about to go to Olive Garden with the parents (who were the gracious photographers of these pics). This is my take on the denim on denim trend. Though I might not say it was my take was more of my take of exactly what Charlize Theron (that woman is so beautiful I want to gouge my eyes out sometimes) is rocking (see right). I thought about the hat, but my head was already hot from just my hair, and I had just done my hair the night before and didn't want to mess up the curls (achieved with some pomade and bantu twists).

Sometimes I'm really slow to take up trends, like I was with this one. At first I thought it was stupid. But I guess it's like that psychological theory, you know, the more you see something the more you come to like it? Something like that. Anyway, now I'm officially a convert. :)

This chambray top from Target is AMAZING. It is so perfect for the abnormally warm weather we've been having. It's a little loose on me (which some would say makes me look bigger), but it's so comfy that I can overlook that. The pockets on the bust lay pretty flat so it at least doesn't make my boobs look any bigger. The buttons are snaps (YESS!) and have a fake pearl inset.
Square Hoop Earrings, Piperlime, (Similar herehere, and here)
The tennies from Target (called "oxfords" on the website) were a last minute purchase actually. I was going to pull the trigger on a pair of Keds, but then I was browsing and saw these and couldn't believe how much they looked like the Keds (for a bit less - which is always cool). So I bought them with the last batch of Target purchases I made (post coming) and wore them for the first time today. I would have worn them sooner, but I was afraid of getting them dirty, haha. Hopefully they wash easily. As far as comfort goes, they are fairly comfortable. I walked a mile and back to school in them and nothing was horrible. I did notice that the tongue occasionally bunched up and irritated the top of my foot. And they didn't breath as well as I had hoped. Also, I have flat feet, so I can't really comment on arch support. Other than that, I would still say they are one of my more comfortable pairs of shoes. And what can I say about these earrings other than I love them to death and they won't be strangers on this blog.

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