Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fun with Faces

I was browsing Facebook today and came across a friend who had posted pics of herself as different races. I remember an old Oprah episode my mom and I watched where they showed her what she would look like as different races. From that day on, I wanted SO BADLY to see what I would look like. So when I came across my friend's post of FB, and saw it was a free (!!!) service, I jumped all over it!

Below you'll find the pics of myself.

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog

So here are my faces! I don't think I need to describe them as I've already labeled them. The website offers many more options (baby, opposite sex, etc.) but these ones were my favorites (and they looked the most realistic). It's so freaky, because in the caucasian pic, I feel like I look so much like my mom. When I saw it I was a little creeped out. Not because she's ugly or anything, but because I kind of knew I looked a bit like her, but I guess the black side in me dulled that. She's caucasian so I guess if I had had a white father I would have looked just like her!

My absolute FAVORITE is the Mucha one. I'm am obsessed with the Art Nouveau movement, which, of course, means I am obsessed with Alphonse Mucha (the premier artist of the movement). When I saw they offered his style as an option I literally felt my heart beat faster. That's how much I love him!  My dad said I looked like a man in the Mucha pic, which maybe I can see...a VERY attractive man. :P I love that one so much I'm actually inspired to paint an entire canvas. To see myself in a Mucha-style painting would be glorious. Okay, I'm gonna shut up about that now.

Go to the link and take a look for yourselves! It's quite fun (and very addicting).

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