Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flip, Flip, Hooray!: Lane Bryant Ikat Flippy Skirt

May I introduce you to the newest addition to my wardrobe?

Lane Bryant
Ikat Flippy Skirt, Lane Bryant, $44.95

I stopped by Lane Bryant with my mom yesterday to get some new bras (major score!: clearance bras were only $19.99!!!) and, of course, couldn't help but look around a bit. :D As it so happens, this skirt was hanging up near the front of the store and I was instantly taken in by the multi-colored mexi-cali-slash-tribal ikat print and the smooth silky drape of the fabric. My mom loved the same skirt in gray.

Unfortunately, I was only there to replace my fraying bras (I wear those suckers to their last dying breath) so I sadly walked away. Fortunately, as I was to later discover, the coupon I had gathered before heading out to the store was a $50 off $250 and my mom was short about fourteen bucks. She looked at me and asked if there was anything else I wanted and I gleefully responded that I had indeed. 

So that's how it all went down. I came home with an armload of new (and pretty!) bras and a fabulous summer skirt. It's so comfortable!!! I anticipate wearing it many times this summer!

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