Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recent...ish Purchases

Studded Chiffon Shirt, F21+, (SOLD OUT)
Structured Studded Clutch, F21, $24.80
Striped Buttoned Top, F21+, $11.80
Rose Pattern Trousers, F21+, (SOLD OUT) (you can buy mine from my Tradesy shop here)
Rhinestoned Link Bracelet, F21, (SOLD OUT)
Lobster Silhouette Sweater, F21, $22.80
High-Low Tee, F21+, $15.80
Floral Scarf Print Button Up, F21, $22.80 (you can buy mine for a discounted price here)
Floral Paneled Pencil Skirt, F21+, $19.80
Duo-Tone Square Ring, F21, $3.80
Worthington® Sheer Button-Down Blouse - Plus, JCP, (SOLD OUT)
Worthington® Mini Skirt, JCP, (SOLD OUT)
Liz Claiborne Satin Jacquard Ankle Pants, JCP, (SALE) $25.00
OOPS! (This is the same scarf print top from F21 as listed above)
a.n.a® Woven Front Panel Tunic, JCP, (SOLD OUT)
Braided Strap Ankle Booties, F21, (SOLD OUT)
Contrast Damask Cardigan, F21+, (SOLD OUT)
Crisscross Wedge Sandals, F21 (SOLD OUT)
Playtex® Bra, 18-hour Support Soft-Cup 4608, JCP, $32.00
a.n.a® Ankle-Length Skinny Jeans- Plus, JCP, $22.00
ASOS Cropped Corset Top With Quilted Cups, ASOS, (SOLD OUT)
ASOS CURVE Blouse With Pearl Collar, ASOS Curve, (SOLD OUT)
ASOS Sweatshirt with Empire Dragon Embroidery, ASOS, (SOLD OUT)
ASOS T-Shirt with Mirror Cat Photographic Print, ASOS, (SOLD OUT) (similar: here)
ASOS CURVE Leopard Print Skinny Waist Belt, ASOS Curve, $10.18
ASOS CURVE Sweater with Stud Shoulders, ASOS Curve, (SOLD OUT)
ASOS Draped Skirt in Metallic, ASOS, (SALE) $13.30
ASOS Looped Hooped Earrings, ASOS, (SOLD OUT)
ASOS Metal Plate Peak Cap, ASOS, $30.55
ASOS Peplum Dress In Heart Print, ASOS, (SOLD OUT)

(Labeling goes from left to right)

Hey all! I thought I'd do just a quicky post about some of the stuff I've bought recently...ish. Instead of showing ALL of the pictures I got a little creative. Most of you will probably be like, "WTF? I can't even see what the garment is!" But it's my blog and that's the way I wanna' do it! HA!

The Forever21 scarf-print top and the Rose Patterned Trousers are in my Tradesy shop (which you can see if you click the tab at the top of the screen that says "shop my closet." Neither one fit the way I wanted them to despite my dearest wishes otherwise. By the time I came to grips with this it was too late to return them *TEAR*. I've had problems like this many times before. So if you feel like helping a sister out and getting a good deal in the process (shipping is free!) check it out.

I returned the Worthington Mini Skirt and the Liz Claiborne Jacquard pants because neither of them really fit right. The pants wouldn't go past my monumental thighs and the skirt was too tight in the hips. The F21 Lobster Sweater is something I just couldn't let go of, despite being tight. I love lobster motifs, so this one was really painful. I've decided it will hang in my closet until the day I either lose a bunch of weight (HA!) or cut it up and make it into a pillow.

As for all the rest, I'm happy. You probably won't see me wearing most of these things for a while because I bought these for last fall and I'm just starting to take out the spring/summer stuff. I have more recent stuff that I'll do another post on sometime soon. Hopefully before fall rolls around again, haha.

(P.S- I'd like to give a shout out to my friend Jimmy on his birthday! He's the fiercest guy I've ever known!)

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