Friday, May 24, 2013

DIY FRIDAY: Oscar de la Renta Tassel Earrings

I mostly followed the DIY instructions given here, but being a bit of a recreational beader myself, I modified a few things to suit the components I already had. The blue stone was going to pose the biggest problem - I couldn't find anything close at my local Michael's. It was merely by chance that I stumbled upon these tumbled stones my mom had laying around and I could hardly believe how close of a match the blue stone was to the beads! So I wrapped up the stone in a cloth and clobbered it with a hammer until I had two relatively similar-sized chunks. And from there I simply glued them to the earring post with jeweler's glue.

Looking at it now, I will probably go back and use clear beading wire I recently acquired instead of the thin beading wire. The tassels are too stiff and don't hand or move like real tassels enough for my tastes.  You can see in the picture the strings are kind of going off in different directions. But other than that, I am very happy with the results and will begin on the second earrings soon (hopefully!).

I have an excited preview of my most recent DIY project (a sewing one!) that I can't wait to share. Tune back next friday! Thanks for stopping by!

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