Sunday, June 30, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: The Infamous Cat Smoking Slipper / Smoking Flat / Loafer!

I hope everyone's Sunday is going swimingly. I thought I'd do something a litte more fun and quirky for this edition of Look-Alikes. Every couple years or so I find myself at a website called Urbanog. They have trendy shoes (not so much clothes) for extremely low prices. I wouldn't recommend shopping there if you want truly quality items that will last for years. These shoes will maybe last a season, depending on wear and care. But they're all so cheap I tend to think short shelf life is a reasonable trade off.

Recently, I've noticed the ever-rising popularity of the many-named smoking flat/ smoking slipper / loafer. After browsing the web a bit, I came across these kitschy-chic cat loafers:

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
British Retro Super Cute Little Cat Boat Flat Shoes, Choies, $116.86

I knew I had seen them before...where was it...ah, yes! The amazingly chic Alexa Chung! She has been photographed (see right) wearing her cat loafers/smoking flats multiple times.

I'm not entirely sure of the brand of her shoes because I've seen at least three high-end designers release very similar-looking shoes. My guess would be the Charlotte Olympia "Kitty Flats," which retail for a whopping 465 British pounds (which means it's even more in American dollars!). They also come in a few different colors and patterns as well.

I personally would never pay that much for a cat shoe that is bound to be so out of trend within a couple years (if that), even as cute as they are (I'm kind of a not-so-closeted cat lady). These are more suited for an Indy-style chick like Alexa, I think. So if you're anything like me, you're admiring the unique-ness of these flats but not really feeling the price (of the British Retro flats OR the outrageously expensive Charlotte Olympia brand OR the Jon Josef G-Cat Loafer here). I present to you an alternative:

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Bumper Trinity-01 Embroidered Kitty Loafer Flat, Urbanog, $17.40

Come on, peeps. The shoes don't even cost $20! I was so surprised by the similarity and the price difference! They're practically the same. Yes, you don't get the gold heel and the velvet on the Urbanog loafers, but...THEY DON'T EVEN COST $20!!! I like the fact that the Urbanog loafers are faux leather. To me that says they'll probably hold up better in water. And since it rains about 80% of the year in Eugene, that is an important quality to me. So if you're in the market for a cute pair of shoes that most people don't have, here is an excellent candidate. Happy Sunday, and happy shopping!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

E.L.F Cosmetics Haul!

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog

So I ended up at the E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics website a few weeks ago in my search for a reasonably (in my opinion) priced eyebrow powder. When I looked around a bit more I was shocked at how low most of the prices were. I didn't see much that was above 20-30 bucks. Now that's my kind of makeup. For those of you who don't know, makeup isn't really my thing and I hate to spend a lot of money on it. So this was perfect for me! :D

I went in with eyebrow powder, mineral powder foundation, clear primer, and a kabuki brush in my shopping cart and ended up getting a lot more than that, haha. But here's the great thing: all the rest of the stuff you see in the above photo was FREE. (And no, this is not a sponsored post!) I came across a code that included thirty-one dollars worth of free cosmetics with a minimum purchase of $20. (Sorry to say that code expired June 17th!) If you missed this deal, no worries. Looks like E.L.F is CONSTANTLY having one kind of sale or another. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

OOTD: The Blondes Will Rise Again

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
G Hoops, Forever21, $3.80
Karen Kane Plus Size Coral Casino Snake Tie Front Top,, $26.99 (Only 0X's available)
PU Fringe Satchel Bag, Charlotte Russe, $28.99
Fab Skinny Jeans (Short) - denim, Forever21+, $14.80
Mossimo Supply Co. Voneta Studded Tuxedo Flat, Target, $19.99

So here we are: my first OOTD post with blonde hair! And for all you tight-knit die-hard blondes out there, just know that I don't really consider myself blonde - I see myself more as floating between blonde and brunette. It will be more brunette as it grows out anyway.

I wore this to go out with my sister to the Black Sheep Gathering we have in Eugene every year. It is an all-things-fiber expo where you can go and buy yarn/fibers, pick up fiber supplies (like spinning wheels or carding machines), swap technique tips, and even see award-winning sheep (cute...but pretty darn rank)! We went last year and had a good time so we decided to go again this year! I'm not really into fiber arts - I mean, I like them, I just don't like making them, haha - but my sister REALLY is.

This also happens to be the first outfit post where I am wearing some of the new pieces I bought. The shirt is fantastic! It is made of this really thin cotton perfect for the warm weather. I had to buy a size down because 6PM was out of my size. I would have really preferred my size so it could be more blouson-y. But I don't hate it, and I don't think it looks horrible. My dad even noticed it was a new shirt (which is awesome. :P)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Hair: a Journey

Natural Biracial Curly Hair

I am a biracial girl (in case you haven't figured that out or haven't read my "About Me" tab at the top of the page). As such, I find myself hovering somewhere between White people's hair (fine hair strands) and Black people's hair (um, curly. Hopefully you all know that :P). So that's what's up: my hair is relatively fine - not thin, exactly - but thinner than most black hair. Yet I have very curly "s-shape" mixed with "corkscrew" curls. Theoretically this should mean that I have the best of both worlds, and to a certain extent that's true. There are days (and certain curling methods) that give me the most fabulous (and dare I say enviable) curls ever. But for the most part, my hair drives me nuts.

I've always loved bangs. But as any curly-haired girl knows, bangs simply won't do. Sigh. I guess the grass really is greener on the other side. I've had countless people tell me they love my hair and it's so hard to take the compliment graciously because for every "good" hair day I have there are hundreds I wish I could just forget about. What I would give for beachy, wavy hair!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: Valentino "Rockstud" Ankle Strap Heels

(The Look-Alike heels may be sold out by now, but I did a similar Look-Alikes post on the Valentino Rockstud Patent Ballet Flat here that is still in stock!)

UPDATE!!! - I just came across another pair of shoes that look EXACTLY like the Valentinos - it's not even funny. And guess what..........they're only $34.00. Yes. That is correct. Find them (and pounce) here. You're welcome.

Hello! Another day, another Sunday Look-Alikes post! This week I though I'd showcase an extreme example of Look-Alikes (i.e - BIIIIIG price difference) and also one that is somewhat specific to plus-size women (i.e - wide width). So from the "wide width" and the post title you should have figured out by now that this post will be all about shoes, shoes, shoes. Amazingly, as much as I love fashion, I've never been that into shoes. They just don't really do it for me. Now jewelry on the other hand...that's a different story! However, since so many fashionistas out there, regardless of size, live for shoes I thought I'd throw you all a bone. :D Below you will see the ultimate "It" shoe of right now. I can't tell you how many well-know celebrities and bloggers this shoe has graced the feet of. If you're unprepared for the awesomeness...I suggest you shield your eyes...

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Valentino Rockstud Patent Sandal, Bergdorf Goodman, $945.00

They're not my style so much, but they seem to be almost everyone else's style! Here is where we get to the sticky part. First of all, not many women have a spare $950 just laying around (I assume). This is a pricey shoe! Second of all, if you're anything like me you've noticed that being plus-size occasionally means foot fat. And nobody looked good in ANY shoe with a muffin top on their foot. Ever. So sometime we big girls have to look at "wide width" shoes, which can be anything from wide calves on boots to a wider foot bed in flats, thus eliminating the foot fat. This all brings me to the less pricier version of the Valentino:

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Pink & Nude Color Blocked Studded Heels, Torrid, $44.50

While it says "medium width" on the website, it also says at the bottom, "fits roomier than the standard medium width." That means your cup will not spillith over. And when I say cup...I mean "voluptuous" feet. Isn't the similarity striking? And for almost $900 less than the Valentinos, WHAT A STEAL!!! I kind of like that the heel is shorter. My max heel height is about 3 inches, 4" with a platform. I can't stand when women try to hobble around on shoes that are clearly too tall for them! Tall heels are supposed to be sexy I guess, but what's sexy about a woman stumbling down the rode like a drunk seagull? Anyway, that's my mini rant for the day. Hope your Sunday is going well, and happy shopping!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

DIY FRIDAY: Veiled Beanie

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Jil Sander Veiled Beanie, $440
Curtesy of

So here is another fairly easy DIY! I followed the instructions given at, here, but as usual had to change a few things to suit me personally. For example I had to make the veil stick far out enough from the hat that it didn't snag on my glasses (and I had some issues getting the netting to lay just so...). 

Ever since I saw the movie, Anna Karinina, I've been OBSESSED with the idea of veils. The only problem is how to pull them off in a fashion-forward way that's relevant to current times. It is this woman's opinion that Jil Sander pulled this off spectacularly! This was a perfect DIY because, as I said before, it's pretty easy and it's a really good way to get a real bang for your buck! The Jil Sander beanie cost $440 (I died a little on the inside when I saw this. Talk about sticker shock!) but you can easily make this yourself for less than $30.

I bought all of my supplies online - click on the pics to go to the links - (that just goes to show how often I get out), but I happen to know JoAnn Fabrics carries Russian netting in stores and you can find a black beanie practically anywhere. I purchased BandsonSale's Long Knit Beanie Hat Black on Amazon for $4.09 (including shipping) which I thought was a pretty smashing good deal. It arrived very quickly and I was surprised to see how thick and soft the fabric was. The netting was quick too, I just had one (or two) issues with it. First, it arrived torn in a spot. Luckily, the netting is so wide that I ended up just using a little bit so I easily cropped out the hole. Second, when I opened the package I accidentally cut another hole in the netting. Now, I will admit that is my stupid mistake, but I would think they would maybe package fabric in a manner that decreased the odds of this happening (it was a shipping bag that was folded over). Anyway, the netting ended up doing all that it needed too, and I have lots of extra!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

OOTD: Sweater + Leather

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Rhinestoned Cable Chain Necklace, Forever21, (SOLD OUT) (Similar here)
Pure Energy Junior's Plus-Size 3/4-Sleeve Pullover, Target, (SOLD OUT)
Pleated Faux Leather Skirt, Forever21+, (SOLD OUT) (Similar here, and here)
Flats, Charlotte Russe, OLD

This was an outfit I threw on in a hurry to go out to dinner with the father (as in, my case that was confusing). Yes, it is the Target sweater again. I told you you would be seeing a lot of it on this blog. It's just so drapey and comfy that I spend practically half my time in it these days. P.S: I didn't include the bag I'm wearing in the items listed for a couple reasons. Mainly, you can't even really see it; but mostly because it's really old.

If the color looks a little odd in this picture it's because I wrestled with it for a while in iPhoto trying to get it to look less gray. Now it looks a little too saturated. Oh well. I'm happy just to have a usable photo where I look halfway decent!

Unfortunately I don't have any witty stories to tell today, so this is it. Have a popping good Thursday! (< This is my attempt to sound British...that is all.)

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let's Talk Lipstick

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Without Flash
L > R: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Blissful Berry, L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lipstick in Silky Java, Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor in On Fire Red, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren

Toasted-Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
With Flash
L > R: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Blissful Berry, L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lipstick in Silky Java, Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor in On Fire Red, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren

Monday, June 17, 2013

OOTD: Off To Grandmother's House

Lauren Conrad Ruffle Cardigan, Kohl's, (OLD!)
Fab Skinny Jeans, F21+, $14.80
Spiked Cap Toe Ballet Flat, Charlotte Russe, (SOLD OUT) (Similar here, and here)

This is just an outfit I threw on to go see the grandparents. A right sight better than the sheer-back shirt I wore last time (see here) I'd say. I really like this sweater from Lauren Conrad's Kohl's line (it's truly amazing I found something that fits) but it's surprisingly hard to pair with most of the stuff in my closet. It's a little to big and slouchy to wear open, but goes frumpy very quickly when buttoned up. I figured pairing it with classic dark wash skinny jeans would temper the frilly-ness a little. 

After several weeks I've come to realize I pull my hair back a lot. I think out of the many OOTD pics I've shown only one shows me with my hair down (see here). I am do for a hair cut though. I plan on writing a post about my unique hair problems (read: biracial hair) and triumphs (is that too dramatic a word?) in the future.

Well, I think that's all I have to say for today. Sorry about all the sold out items. I try to do OOTD posts with current things you can still buy in stores, but I haven't bought anything in a long while up until just last week. Hopefully that will keep things a little fresher and a little more trendy as well. Thanks for stopping by - have a great day!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: Deepa Gurnani Mixed Crystal Head Band

Greetings! This Sunday I thought I'd branch out and do a Look-Alikes post on an accessory! I've always admired the beautiful jeweled headbands of Deepa Gurnani (ASOS has a very nice selection), but I haven't admired the prices of those little beauties! So I decided to browse around a bit and see if I could spot anything comparable to the headband I had my eye on below:

Deepa Gurnani Gunmetal And Mixed Crystal Head Band, ASOS, $76.36

Much to my disappointment, there were many beautiful jeweled headbands that are available for purchase, but all were as expensive - if not more so - than the Gurnani headband! So, reconciling myself with defeat, I hopped over to Forever21 to see what kinds of hair accessories they had in stock. Much to my (delighted) surprise, I came across this:

Sparkling Beaded Headband, F21, $10.98 (!!!)

I was so happy! To my eyes, the F21 beaded headband looked as delicate, as intricate, and as gorgeous as the Deepa Gurnani one. Not to mention the F21 headband comes in 2 different colors. I liked the darker one, pictured above, because it looked more expensive. And it was a closer match to the Gurnani. Needless to say at this point, I bought the F21 headband in the last batch of purchases I made. I can't wait to see it in person, and hopefully it is as pretty in real life as it is in the picture! (UPDATE: It is.) Have a most excellent Sunday. :D

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Got the Job! (Let's Go Shopping!)

So, in case you couldn't tell from the title of the post, I got the job at Lane Bryant!!! At this point, this is about the closest thing to my dream job as I could hope to get! Plus-size women's fashion?! COME ON! (I'm a little excited). And to be honest, I am so glad I get to skip the typical "starter job" (food service, gas, etc.). This is what I want to do for the rest of my life and if I can work my way up the corporate food chain that would be even better. Okay, I'm going to stop talking about how happy I am now. :D

When I found out I got the job, one of my first thoughts was that I should maybe buy some more professional (though not completely button-up) garments. I'll be working in a fashion environment which allows for way more flexibility in work dress code, but I don't want to necessarily look like a young college girl. So I went shopping! (online). The pics shown below are some of my favorite things I bought. (Also! - It may look like I spent a lot of money, but I NEVER pay full price for...anything really. :P):

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
1. Adia Kibur Fringe Cuff, Shopbop, $36.00
2. Lacquered Jaguar Bracelet, Forever21, $12.80
3. Oversized Chain-Link Cuff, Forever21, $8.80
4. Spiked Horseshoe Necklace, Forever21, $7.80
5. Merona® Stripe Saffiano Tote Handbag, Target, $29.99
6. Zigzag Raffia Clutch, Forever21, $16.80
7. Black Gold Metal Stretch Belt, Torrid, $16.50
8. Calvin Klein Women's Side Striped Pant, Amazon, $36.62 (+FREE SHIPPING!)
9. Calvin Klein Plus Size Dress, Sleeveless Printed Sheath; Macy's; (SALE) $53.99
10. Calvin Klein Plus Size Pants, Printed Skinny Tuxedo; Macy's; $89.50
11. Calvin Klein Plus Size Sequin Pencil Skirt,, $54.99
12. Ciao! Graphic Sweater, Forever21+, $22.80
13. Floral Sheath Dress, Forever21+, $24.80
14. Mossimo® Sleeveless Maxi Dress w/Asymmetrical Hem, Target, $24.99
15. labworks Plus-Size Short-Sleeve V-Neck Wrap Dress, Target, $49.99
16. Mossimo® Women's Sleeveless Anorak Blazer, Target, $27.99
17. Madden Girl Shoes, Hickory Wedge Sneakers; Macy's; (SALE) $59.99
18. Aerosoles Ginerator, Aerosoles, (SALE) $39.99

Now, I haven't received any of these items yet; I bought them today. But they should be here before I start work next week. I'm a little on the fence about some of the Mossimo items I bought at Target. The sizes go up to XXL, but they're usually a hit and miss as far as whether they actually fit me or not. I am super excited for the labworks dress. It's exactly what I'm going for: a little sexier without looking like a hoochy mamma. I am interested in meeting a man sometime in the future...hopefully not TOO far.

As for the Calvin Klein stuff...I DIE. They are gorgeous and trendy and classic and PERFECT!!! When I saw them I couldn't believe they were part of a plus-size line. I have never seen anything as fashion-forward as these pieces anywhere before. Naturally, I jumped on those bad boys like a bee on honey!

Anyway, I'll write probably a couple follow-up posts as soon as I receive and wear the clothes/ accessories. Look forward to that! Also, I don't anticipate my new job (hee hee - it's so fun to say that!) interfering with the regularity of my posts. Even if things get crazy, I will do my best to maintain at least a 3-post-a-week schedule. Thanks for reading!

(P.S - I updated some more stuff to my online store! Check it out here and be a friend :D)

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Return of the Cobalt

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
1. Tell Me About It, Studded Flats; Modcloth, $32.99
2. BCBGeneration Two Tone Minaudiere,, $39.99
3. Woven Front Cowl Tank, Eloquii, (SALE!) $14.00
4. Women's Plus Boyfriend Cardis, Old Navy, (SALE!) $14.99
5. ASOS Full Midi Skirt in Scuba, ASOS, (SOLD OUT as this post went to press)
6. Women's Cap-Sleeved Wrap Dresses, Old Navy, $26.94
7. Vince Camuto Women's Plus-Size 3/4 Sleeve Peplum Top, Amazon, $49.90
8. Manic Fun-day Jeans in Cobalt - Plus Size, Modcloth, $57.99
9. Floral Sheath Dress, Forever21+, $24.80

As I was aimlessly trolling my usual online clothing store haunts, as I am apt to do during any and all available free time, it suddenly hit me: Cobalt blue is back. And it's back in a big way. I mean, in that one day of browsing I felt like I couldn't swing a dead cat (I hate this expression by the way) without seeing something that is Cobalt - even in plus sizes (which is incredible)! So I decided to do a little fashion forecasting post of sorts to show you fabulous people some of my favorite picks. All the items shown are available in plus-sizes except the ASOS skirt (which has since sold out, *SNIFF*) and the Old Navy wrap dress (#6) which still goes up to XXL.

My two favorite picks are the F21+ dress in the AH-MAZING digital print (which I hope to be adding to my closet soon! ---UPDATE: I bought it! Review to follow...) and the Modcloth sandals that are so on trend with the Cobalt and the studs it's ridiculous. I was really hoping to pick up the ASOS skirt too...but it wasn't to be I guess. I have to say I'm kind of loving the BCBG clutch too. It's edgy with the two-tone color but classic in the shape and croc texture. I don't predict I'll buy it but I would certainly notice if I ever saw another diva rocking it.

I hope that gives you a little sneak peek into what I predict will be a huge color again this Fall. But I'm by no means an expert fashion forecaster, just so y'all know. I hope to do some more of these Fashion Forecast post in the future! See you next time!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

OOTD: Orange Julius

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
High-Low Tee, Forever21+, $15.80
Mossimo® Womens Pleated Skirt, Target, $19.99
Spiked Cap Toe Ballet Flat, Charlotte Russe, (SOLD OUT) (Similar here, and here)

So here we are again! Another day, another outfit post. I have to admit, it's really a pain to capture an image of an outfit. I always dress up for school. But by the time I get home I almost immediately change into jammies and collapse in front of the TV (don't judge, peeps). Since I need someone to take a pic of me at this point it doesn't really work. And now that I'm out of school for the summer, it could get a little sparse...

But every once and a while when I'm getting ready to go out to dinner with the parents - and I'm not looking like a total slob I might add! - I remember to ask them for a quick snap. This was a little different. I managed to bum a ride off my dad to school (I don't have a car...can I feel you judging???) and he took this picture for me before we left.

I like this outfit. I've mentioned this skirt several times before on the blog. Notice the short's actually VERY RARE that I wear short sleeves out. Seriously, it like never ever happens. I'm not particularly fond of my, shall we say, voluptuous upper arms. But it was really warm this day and my upper arms hadn't seen the light of day in several months so I decided to let them air out a bit. You should see the tan lines I have! I look like a not-so-toasted-cracker from the elbow up! (If you don't get the toasted cracker joke, may I direct you to the "About Me" tab at the top of the screen?)

As a final comment, I'm just going to say that these shoes are bomb-diggity. They're quickly becoming one of my favorite pair of shoes! You can't tell from the picture, but there are a bunch of little gold spikes along the back ankle area of the shoe that I feel could be used in self defense! They're so sharp I scratched my calf when I crossed my ankles on the bus home! Well, that's all I have for now. See you on the other side (...of tomorrow?).

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: ASOS Curve Skinny Trousers in Colorblock

(Sorry I was out of commission for the last few days. I just finished Spring term. I should resume my regular posting schedule shortly. Thanks!  --L)

This fine Sunday's Look-Alikes feature is brought to you by ASOS Curve! I love me some ASOS Curve. They are unquestionably at the forefront of trendy/edgy Plus-size fashion. I got hooked on a while ago when I came across a link on a blog I frequent. It was fashion at first sight! Over the years, I've bought an obscene amount from ASOS and ASOS Curve. Seriously, I should be in some secret VIP club by now! The only qualm I have with ASOS Curve is that the clothing items can be pretty darn spendy (in my opinion some of the knit pieces are WAY overpriced), like these awesome and fashion-forward color-block trousers I came across the other day:

ASOS Curve Skinny Trousers in Colorblock, ASOS, $54.30

Now, you may be thinking, "$54.30 for a pair of plus-size pants - She's cray cray if she doesn't think that's a steal!!!" You may be right; while I feel 54 bucks is a bit cray cray to pay for pants, I can recognize that it isn't as bad as it COULD be. So I ask you all this: would you rather pay $54.30 and admit to yourselves that the price COULD be worse? Or would you rather hop your booty over to Forever21+ and buy these bad boys that look almost the same for HALF THE PRICE!!!???:

Contrast Colored Skinnies, Forever21+, $27.80

Yes, the Forever21+ pants don't have the cool zipper welt pockets like the ASOS Curve pair does. And yes, the color of the F21+ pants are more of a brown-ish green (which I completely understand if people don't happen to like. I happen to.) But at $27.80 I think they are a much better (read: WISER) investment choice seeing as the color-block pant trend, like these, are bound to come to a bitter end within a few seasons. Why spend over $50 dollars when a completely affordable plus-size option (read: VERY RARELY DOES THIS HAPPEN) is available. Think on that...

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

OOTD: Blazin' Florals

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Tinley Road Deco Shield Pendant Necklace, Piperlime (SOLD OUT) (similar here)
Kaleidoscope Floral Jacket, Forever21+, (SOLD OUT) (I couldn't find a close match)
Basic black dress, Forever21+, OLD!!!

Steve Madden P-Heaven, 6PM, $35.99

So yesterday I had an interview at Lane Bryant and I am REALLY hoping I get the job. I won't say any more here because I'm trying not to count my eggs before they hatch. I'll know by next week.

This outfit came pretty easily to me. I like to wear black to an interview, but I don't have a formal suit (and it was pretty warm that day). So a dress was perfect and I thew on the bright F21+ blazer to just make things a little more professional looking. I love this jacket! It has (small!) shoulder pads which actually help me out because I have narrow, sloping shoulders. Right before I went into the back to talk to the assistant manager, the single button popped off! It didn't affect anything in the end, though. The bright florals might be too much for a business office, but since I was interviewing at a plus-size fashion retailer, something a little fashion forward is always appreciated (I think anyway). Because the blazer is so busy, I toned down the accessories. I want the interviewer to focus on what I'm saying, not the jangling of huge earrings or bracelets.

My Dad took this picture, so it's a little blurry (God bless 'em). Also, my curvilicious cat, Arwen (yes, she is named after a certain Elvish princess), decided SHE had to make a cameo on the blog. So I guess that's all for now folks. Tune back later for more!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Big Chop

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Curtesy of

She chopped it all off!...And I love it! I really wish I could carry off short hair like this sooooo badly. But I've just got too doughy a face. I need layers. *TEAR* I came extremely close to getting a buzz-cut a la Solange Knowles (look it up - it looks way better than it sounds), but I have this hump thing at bottom of my neck and it looks bad (my mom's got the same thing) so I have to (or rather, CHOOSE to) cover it with hair. But anyway, she looks awesome! 

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Monday, June 3, 2013

OOTD: Lobster Bib

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Geo Wire Earrings, F21, (SOLD OUT) (similar here and here)
Lobster Silhouette Sweater, Forever21, $22.80
Worthington Belted Skirt, JC Penney, SOLD OUT (similar shape here, similar print here)
Twisted Bow Canvas Flat, Charlotte Russe, SOLD OUT (similar here, here, and here)

I'm not really a fan of this picture, to be honest. I look awkward...again. Damn! How do those other fashion bloggers look so effortless in their pictures???? I guess my problem is that when I try to strike a pose in front of my parents (who primarily take the pictures - you can see my mom's shadow in the bottom right corner) I feel like a complete moron. I need a nicer camera and a tripod, STAT! But I put this pic up because I loved the outfit so much that I figured and awkward pic would have to do (I'm pretty sure I've written these exact words before...)

My parents couldn't get over this sweater - and not because they thought it was fabulous like I did (kind of the story of my life :P). My mom said it brought attention to my breasts and I completely agree. But I love this sweater so much I would be willing to deal with that. (Jeez, I talk about my boobs a lot on this site...) I wore the top once before with a minimizer bra, but it looked a little bumpy and droopy. So I wore a regular bra and, yes, my boobs look really big, but at least the sweater looks better on.

This F21 Lobster shirt is basically the only clothing article I have of their straight-sized line. I've grown out of all the rest. This one I was reluctant to put away because I'm kind of obsessed with lobsters (and deer, and koi fish. I am a girl of odd interests - don't judge me!). It is made out of a nice light-weight knit with good stretch, so I think it still works.

I thought I'd be a little fun mixing the lobster print with another animal print (Dalmatian!) and the bright cobalt shoes for a pop of color against the neutral gray, white, and black. All in all, one of the more creative outfits I've worn for a while.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: Michael Kors Floral Print Blouse

On this fine Sunday, the ever-classic Michael Kors is the source of the Look-Alikes segment. I've loved Michael Kors ever since I saw him on Project Runway. He was such a drama queen, but I loved that about him! He got some of the best one-liners on the show. Anyway, I've kept a keen on his plus-size brand and to be honest I've been a little disappointed. Some of his stuff is so baggy and SO unflattering, it makes me thing, "what the heck is he doing?!" His bags and his perfumes (I have the limited edition "Suede" that is so incredible!) and flawless, yet his plus-size clothes left much to be desired. 

Luckily, I was browsing the other day and stumbled across this beautiful blouse:

Michael Kors
MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Top, Long-Sleeve Printed Blouse, Macy's, (SALE!) $44.99
The color, the digital print, the contrast collar and button placket...oh my! I am very happy to say that I think Mr. Kors has hit the nail on the head with this number. Now, I think anyone would be hard pressed to find anything remotely similar to this blouse, so, that being said, the top I found isn't as exact a match as some of the past Look-Alikes, but I think it has a very similar flavor. I found the blouse below at JC Penney (one of my personal favorite stores - I'm so sad they're not doing well financially!)

JC Penney
Worthington® Sleeveless Button-Front Blouse - Plus, JC Penney, (SALE) $19.99

The digital print, the bright lime green, and the floral-esque print are all very reminiscent of the Michael Kors blouse, in my opinion. I do kind of miss the contrast collar and placket and I'm a big fan of long sleeves, but in saving $110.01, I think I could overlook those higher-end finishes. Plus, if you're someone who is a little pattern shy (I'm all), this sleeveless option from JCP might be perfect for you because you can layer a solid jacket or cardigan over it to tone it down a bit.

{In other slightly unrelated news, I have officially launched Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog's Facebook page! So if you want to be a pal, mosey over and leave a comment, or "like" it (if you're really awesome!)}

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

1 Month Down: Best of May

Since it is the 1 month anniversary here at Toasted Crackerz, as well as the end of the month of May, I thought I'd do a little "Best Of" post (also, if you came back a little later, you noticed that I changed a couple things on the blog! :D). Below are my top five favorite posts of May (and of my blog's first month of life!).

1. Emerald City

This was hands-down my favorite post of the month! I love green so it was a blast to hunt down the best green clothes/accessories for curvier women at great prices! Not to mention the fact that my city is called "Emerald City" - how much more perfect does it get?!

2. Fashion Icon: Ulyana Sergeenko

This was a fun post because I love Ulyana's unique style so much that I simply HAD to share it with the world! Every picture of her is perfection! If you read this post already then you know how I feel about it and there's no need to go beyond that. :D

3. OOTD: Saturday Siesta

I really liked the outfit in this post. I wouldn't necessarily say it was the best OOTD post I've done so far, but the colors in this pic really popped. I've always loved bright colors, so this was great. Plus the smile and my pose were JUST right, which always makes me a happy camper. :P

4.DIY: Dolce & Gabbana Earrings

I practically did this project in one day. I was on a DIY binge (I also finished the L Boleyn necklace that day too) and I think updated the blog post with all its formatting and pics on the same day. Oh yes, it was very productive. Now if only I could be this motivated every day...

5. All White Jeans...

The fifth, and final, favorite post of May. This was an outfit that kind of came together at the last minute. I hadn't worn the pants before (I wasn't sure they would fit) and I didn't know if the sweater was a good match. But it ended up being absolutely perfect for walking around the beautiful OSU campus. This was a good day. :)

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