Saturday, June 1, 2013

1 Month Down: Best of May

Since it is the 1 month anniversary here at Toasted Crackerz, as well as the end of the month of May, I thought I'd do a little "Best Of" post (also, if you came back a little later, you noticed that I changed a couple things on the blog! :D). Below are my top five favorite posts of May (and of my blog's first month of life!).

1. Emerald City

This was hands-down my favorite post of the month! I love green so it was a blast to hunt down the best green clothes/accessories for curvier women at great prices! Not to mention the fact that my city is called "Emerald City" - how much more perfect does it get?!

2. Fashion Icon: Ulyana Sergeenko

This was a fun post because I love Ulyana's unique style so much that I simply HAD to share it with the world! Every picture of her is perfection! If you read this post already then you know how I feel about it and there's no need to go beyond that. :D

3. OOTD: Saturday Siesta

I really liked the outfit in this post. I wouldn't necessarily say it was the best OOTD post I've done so far, but the colors in this pic really popped. I've always loved bright colors, so this was great. Plus the smile and my pose were JUST right, which always makes me a happy camper. :P

4.DIY: Dolce & Gabbana Earrings

I practically did this project in one day. I was on a DIY binge (I also finished the L Boleyn necklace that day too) and I think updated the blog post with all its formatting and pics on the same day. Oh yes, it was very productive. Now if only I could be this motivated every day...

5. All White Jeans...

The fifth, and final, favorite post of May. This was an outfit that kind of came together at the last minute. I hadn't worn the pants before (I wasn't sure they would fit) and I didn't know if the sweater was a good match. But it ended up being absolutely perfect for walking around the beautiful OSU campus. This was a good day. :)

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