Sunday, June 9, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: ASOS Curve Skinny Trousers in Colorblock

(Sorry I was out of commission for the last few days. I just finished Spring term. I should resume my regular posting schedule shortly. Thanks!  --L)

This fine Sunday's Look-Alikes feature is brought to you by ASOS Curve! I love me some ASOS Curve. They are unquestionably at the forefront of trendy/edgy Plus-size fashion. I got hooked on a while ago when I came across a link on a blog I frequent. It was fashion at first sight! Over the years, I've bought an obscene amount from ASOS and ASOS Curve. Seriously, I should be in some secret VIP club by now! The only qualm I have with ASOS Curve is that the clothing items can be pretty darn spendy (in my opinion some of the knit pieces are WAY overpriced), like these awesome and fashion-forward color-block trousers I came across the other day:

ASOS Curve Skinny Trousers in Colorblock, ASOS, $54.30

Now, you may be thinking, "$54.30 for a pair of plus-size pants - She's cray cray if she doesn't think that's a steal!!!" You may be right; while I feel 54 bucks is a bit cray cray to pay for pants, I can recognize that it isn't as bad as it COULD be. So I ask you all this: would you rather pay $54.30 and admit to yourselves that the price COULD be worse? Or would you rather hop your booty over to Forever21+ and buy these bad boys that look almost the same for HALF THE PRICE!!!???:

Contrast Colored Skinnies, Forever21+, $27.80

Yes, the Forever21+ pants don't have the cool zipper welt pockets like the ASOS Curve pair does. And yes, the color of the F21+ pants are more of a brown-ish green (which I completely understand if people don't happen to like. I happen to.) But at $27.80 I think they are a much better (read: WISER) investment choice seeing as the color-block pant trend, like these, are bound to come to a bitter end within a few seasons. Why spend over $50 dollars when a completely affordable plus-size option (read: VERY RARELY DOES THIS HAPPEN) is available. Think on that...

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