Sunday, June 2, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: Michael Kors Floral Print Blouse

On this fine Sunday, the ever-classic Michael Kors is the source of the Look-Alikes segment. I've loved Michael Kors ever since I saw him on Project Runway. He was such a drama queen, but I loved that about him! He got some of the best one-liners on the show. Anyway, I've kept a keen on his plus-size brand and to be honest I've been a little disappointed. Some of his stuff is so baggy and SO unflattering, it makes me thing, "what the heck is he doing?!" His bags and his perfumes (I have the limited edition "Suede" that is so incredible!) and flawless, yet his plus-size clothes left much to be desired. 

Luckily, I was browsing the other day and stumbled across this beautiful blouse:

Michael Kors
MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Top, Long-Sleeve Printed Blouse, Macy's, (SALE!) $44.99
The color, the digital print, the contrast collar and button placket...oh my! I am very happy to say that I think Mr. Kors has hit the nail on the head with this number. Now, I think anyone would be hard pressed to find anything remotely similar to this blouse, so, that being said, the top I found isn't as exact a match as some of the past Look-Alikes, but I think it has a very similar flavor. I found the blouse below at JC Penney (one of my personal favorite stores - I'm so sad they're not doing well financially!)

JC Penney
Worthington® Sleeveless Button-Front Blouse - Plus, JC Penney, (SALE) $19.99

The digital print, the bright lime green, and the floral-esque print are all very reminiscent of the Michael Kors blouse, in my opinion. I do kind of miss the contrast collar and placket and I'm a big fan of long sleeves, but in saving $110.01, I think I could overlook those higher-end finishes. Plus, if you're someone who is a little pattern shy (I'm all), this sleeveless option from JCP might be perfect for you because you can layer a solid jacket or cardigan over it to tone it down a bit.

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