Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Got the Job! (Let's Go Shopping!)

So, in case you couldn't tell from the title of the post, I got the job at Lane Bryant!!! At this point, this is about the closest thing to my dream job as I could hope to get! Plus-size women's fashion?! COME ON! (I'm a little excited). And to be honest, I am so glad I get to skip the typical "starter job" (food service, gas, etc.). This is what I want to do for the rest of my life and if I can work my way up the corporate food chain that would be even better. Okay, I'm going to stop talking about how happy I am now. :D

When I found out I got the job, one of my first thoughts was that I should maybe buy some more professional (though not completely button-up) garments. I'll be working in a fashion environment which allows for way more flexibility in work dress code, but I don't want to necessarily look like a young college girl. So I went shopping! (online). The pics shown below are some of my favorite things I bought. (Also! - It may look like I spent a lot of money, but I NEVER pay full price for...anything really. :P):

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
1. Adia Kibur Fringe Cuff, Shopbop, $36.00
2. Lacquered Jaguar Bracelet, Forever21, $12.80
3. Oversized Chain-Link Cuff, Forever21, $8.80
4. Spiked Horseshoe Necklace, Forever21, $7.80
5. Merona® Stripe Saffiano Tote Handbag, Target, $29.99
6. Zigzag Raffia Clutch, Forever21, $16.80
7. Black Gold Metal Stretch Belt, Torrid, $16.50
8. Calvin Klein Women's Side Striped Pant, Amazon, $36.62 (+FREE SHIPPING!)
9. Calvin Klein Plus Size Dress, Sleeveless Printed Sheath; Macy's; (SALE) $53.99
10. Calvin Klein Plus Size Pants, Printed Skinny Tuxedo; Macy's; $89.50
11. Calvin Klein Plus Size Sequin Pencil Skirt,, $54.99
12. Ciao! Graphic Sweater, Forever21+, $22.80
13. Floral Sheath Dress, Forever21+, $24.80
14. Mossimo® Sleeveless Maxi Dress w/Asymmetrical Hem, Target, $24.99
15. labworks Plus-Size Short-Sleeve V-Neck Wrap Dress, Target, $49.99
16. Mossimo® Women's Sleeveless Anorak Blazer, Target, $27.99
17. Madden Girl Shoes, Hickory Wedge Sneakers; Macy's; (SALE) $59.99
18. Aerosoles Ginerator, Aerosoles, (SALE) $39.99

Now, I haven't received any of these items yet; I bought them today. But they should be here before I start work next week. I'm a little on the fence about some of the Mossimo items I bought at Target. The sizes go up to XXL, but they're usually a hit and miss as far as whether they actually fit me or not. I am super excited for the labworks dress. It's exactly what I'm going for: a little sexier without looking like a hoochy mamma. I am interested in meeting a man sometime in the future...hopefully not TOO far.

As for the Calvin Klein stuff...I DIE. They are gorgeous and trendy and classic and PERFECT!!! When I saw them I couldn't believe they were part of a plus-size line. I have never seen anything as fashion-forward as these pieces anywhere before. Naturally, I jumped on those bad boys like a bee on honey!

Anyway, I'll write probably a couple follow-up posts as soon as I receive and wear the clothes/ accessories. Look forward to that! Also, I don't anticipate my new job (hee hee - it's so fun to say that!) interfering with the regularity of my posts. Even if things get crazy, I will do my best to maintain at least a 3-post-a-week schedule. Thanks for reading!

(P.S - I updated some more stuff to my online store! Check it out here and be a friend :D)

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