Friday, June 28, 2013

DIY FRIDAY: Floral Crown

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
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This week's DIY project is one of my  personal favorites. In fact, it's already made an appearance on this blog...did you spot it? :P If you did miss it, you can find it here. I've only worn my flower crown twice since making it since it is so outrageous (in a fabulous way, natch). There have been many times when I reeaallly wanted to, but good sense held me back. 

It came out a bit bigger than I had originally planned, which is part of the reason I don't just wear it out and about regularly. I made it on one of those nights - you know, you're up until 6:00AM or so and can't get to sleep no matter how hard you try? So you find something to fill your time until you fall asleep...or until everyone else gets up early for work. 

For this project, I didn't really follow any particular instructions. In fact, it was actually hard for me to find any straight-forward instructions anywhere. Not that you really need them - this project is easy peasy. 

For materials, I only used a few: fake flowers in a similar color palette from Michael's Craft Store (get silk flowers  if you want to be super fancy), thin (read: flexible) beading wire, and masking tape. That's it! 

Next, all you do is cut the fake flowers, and some of the leaves, off the stem. Make sure to leave at least half an inch on the ends of the cut stems so you have something to tape to the wire. Then, I cut two strands of the beading wire slightly longer than the measurement I took of the width of my head. I wanted two strands to make it slightly more sturdy. I then taped the two lengths together. See the photo below for reference:

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog

Next, all you do is work your way around the wire, taping the cut flower stems with masking tape. If you're more fastidious/anal retentive than I am, I would suggest using floral tape. That way the tape won't be as visible. if I ever make another floral crown (which I have plans for), I might look for some of that. Then again, when the crown is on your head, you honestly can't see the tape. Any imperfections are pretty much covered by the flowers. 

Below are more reference pics. I show how I wrapped the tape around the stems AND the wire. Also, a quick tip, WRAP THE SUCKERS TIGHT WITH THE TAPE! I'm serious: get it as tight as you possibly can. Masking tape isn't particularly sticky on its own, so if it's not tight the stems and leaves could slide right out. And that's not classy, is it?

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion BlogToasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you leave with a bit of inspiration!

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