Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eugene Fashion Week 2013! (PART II)

This post is going to be a little picture intense, so if that bothers you...why are you reading this blog anyway??!?!? :P To begin everything, you'll see in the pic to the left that awesome graphic for this year's fashion shows. If you like it that much (and want to be super ironic-chic by wearing a shirt that has a city most people have never heard of) you can buy some gear here. By the way, none of my posts hence-far have been sponsored. I will ALWAYS show integrity and make it clear if I am being paid or whatnot to advertise something.

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion BlogMoving on, sunday was the Avant Garde / Evening Wear show. To be honest it was about 70% of the same kind of stuff I saw at the ready to wear show, but the other 30% was pretty fantastic. There was A LOT of steampunk stuff going on...not sure what that's about, but maybe there's some kind of underground movement I'm unaware of. If you're into that...well now you know where to go! :D Like the other show, there was some standout collections that just floored me - as in I had no idea such fashionable things were happening here!

I wore a black body-con dress from ASOS Curve (one of my favvvves) - which can be bought here, though sizes are limited. Since it was the Avant Garde show, I thought it only appropriate for me to wear my enormous (albeit fabulous) DIY floral crown. (Along with the pearl-drop earrings, I call it my "Frieda Kahlo" look! :D) It's one of my favorite DIY projects. You'll find my DIY instructions here. My studded clutch is from F21 and can be bought here.

When my sister and I arrived, there were acrobats (a la Cirque du Soleil) on stage. It was super cool! (My apologies for the poor quality - the lighting was bad and I used my phone).

Both runway shows took place at the Shedd, which is an old church that was converted into a theater for plays and musical guests. We were sitting in church pews! I eventually stopped trying to take pictures. As you can see (haha, or rather CAN'T see), our position wasn't the best. I'll maybe upload some official photos once they post those on the website. It's hard to describe the designs. Most were okay, some were amazing, and one in particular....erk (which is REALLLLY bad, for those of you who don't know).

My favorite was a collection done by Marjorie Taylor called, TaylorMade. She said she was from Nova Scotia and was inspired by there. SO GOOOD. Her tailoring and overall garment quality was fantastic and she had some really neat texturizing techniques on the bodices and skirts of her dresses. The styling was perfect and I appreciated the nod to Marie Antoinette with wide hip hoop skirts. Very Avant Garde and a pleasure to watch. Made me feel like I was at a real show! :P

My sister and me! (with the DJ in the back, haha!)
All in all I had a wonderful time. I actually think my favorite part was seeing the use of REAL women as model. None of this size 00, six feet tall bullcrap. Real women with some jiggly parts and curves that were working the hell out of that runway. It was so fun to see them having fun and eating up the audience's enthusiasm. It was also cool to share the experience with my sister, as we're both really artsy-fartsy. We're already thinking of the next DIY projects we'll work on. I had a great time and look forward to going again next year. (...Maybe as a designer/stylist some day??? :D)

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