Saturday, May 4, 2013

Forever21+ Fab Skinny Jeans!

Fab Skinny Jeans (Regular) [in Black], F21+, $13.50
 Fab Skinny Jeans (Regular) [in Indigo], F21+, $13.50
Fab Skinny Jeans (Short) [in Grey], F21+, $13.50

 I just have to take a moment to rave about the fabulous-ness that is Forever21+ skinny jeans! I bought my first pair a few years ago, and I've never looked back! They have the PERFECT amount of stretch and they make my calves look great. But the best part is that they sell short lengths. As a short, plus-size woman, it is so frickin' hard to find pants that fit my hips and thighs but don't completely swamp my feet. These are amazing! I've considered buying some pairs at Torrid, who I've noticed sell in a wide variety of sizes and lengths. But their pants are so expensive! Granted, I've no doubt they are of much better quality than the F21+ version. F21's pants are made of a very light-weight - almost chambray-like - fabric that won't last you more than a year (if you wear them as much as I do). 

So for spring, I bought 3 new pairs in Grey, Black, and Indigo! I bought regular lengths in Indigo and Black because I want to cuff them, as is popular thing to do right now. One thing I would suggest if you are considering buying, is to look at the size chart first, because I noticed (as did many of the online reviewers) that most could probably order a size down because of the awesome stretch. Something to keep in mind.

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