Sunday, May 5, 2013

Eugene Fashion Week 2013! (PART I)

...I know what you're thinking. "How in the world does a little po-dunk town in the state between Washington and California have a fashion show?!" Or maybe, "What the heck could Eugenian designers possible have to show that's fashionable? A potato sack?"

Matt Bliss Designs
Sweet Skins wrap dress
Well, I'm here to tell you a thing or two!!! And that'd mostly be right. Haha, I mean it's not like we're all wearing potato sacks over here but the trends mostly do run towards eco-chic than high fashion. Which is not to say that I didn't like the shows (my awesome sister and I went to the ready-to-wear show May 3) - in fact I had a great time. It's just that my fashion sensibilities are a bit different than Eugene's. But at the same time, I was startled by some seriously fabulous clothing. 

I especially liked Scott Cunningham's Collection, CUNNINGHAM (I can't find a link to a store...weird) and Matt Bliss's AMAZING graphic tees (he also doesn't have a website - TSK TSK!!!) but if you ever find yourself in Eugene,  you can stop by his screen printing studio, The Pit, located in the basement of Kitsch fashion shop in downtown Eugene Oregon (1022 Willamette St / Eugene, OR 9740).

And while I'm not really into simple, organic cotton stuff, I was so impressed by the well-crafted items and and simple flowy lines of designer Mira Fannin's line, Sweet Skins. You can find her website (hooray!) here.

There were some hot messes, I won't lie, and more than one styling disaster (I couldn't believe how many designers put these huge fabric flower brooches over the top part of their garment!) Not only was it distracting (and mildly ugly), but it was hard to see the cut of the top of the clothing item. Not the smartest decision I think. My sister and I will be attending the Avant Garde /  Evening Wear show on saturday. I'll write a follow-up post with hopefully some pictures of my own (I've yet to do an!) later on.

Anyway, if you're interested in more or want to see more of the designers we have here in our little town, go to the Eugene Fashion Week website, here. Party on my friends.

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