Sunday, May 26, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: Forever21 Shoes

From Top, left to right: Gianmarco Lorenzi Gold-tone Cap & Heel Shoe ($844.00 - can be found on sale here), Kate Spade New York Suede Mesh Lace-up Bootie ($350.00), Forever21 Mirrored Platform Pumps ($34.80), Forever21 Mesh Lace-up Booties ($29.80)

This week's Look-Alikes post is brought to you by the ever-fabulous Forever21! I've been shopping at Forever21 since I was in middle school. Every year my mom and I would drive all the way up to Portland to get to the nearest store and do my school shopping. Then they opened a store in our local mall and it was amazing! Unfortunately, I don't fit into about 90% of the stuff they offer in the straight-sized section anymore, but I love the Forever21+ line! (Unfortunately [again] they don't carry the plus-size stuff in my mall's store, so I have to shop online). 

Most F21 stuff looks like what it is: trendy but inexpensive items that will probably only last you one season. However, every once and a while, F21 blows my socks off with a garment or a piece of jewelry that looks way more expensive than it is. Or in this case, shoes that look extraordinarily similar to higher-end designer ones.

On the top row you'll see Gianmarco Lorenzi's gold cap toe and heel pumps. So sexy! :P  By the way, be EXTRA CAREFUL when buying the Lorenzis! I spotted some sites that clearly advertised themselves as selling knock-offs and had spelling errors in the FAQ's section AND were linked to a Yahoo email address. All of this adds up to me as being very suspicious and more than likely a scam. So please shop with caution!

Also, on the top row is the one, the only, Kate Spade mesh lace-up booties. Now, I'm not much of an open-toed shoe kind of gal, but I reallllly like these Kate Spades! That is a bad-ass shoe right there. Plus I imagine the mesh keeps your foot cool! But at $350.00, it's a little out of my realm of possibilities. 

And that's where F21 steps in! Their shoes are always reasonably priced, and always trendy! So maybe the F21 mesh booties are an exact match, but they're pretty darn close! And the F21 mirrored pumps have a hidden platform and more of an almond-shaped toe box, but they're definitely the closet shoe I've ever seen to the Lorenzis.

All in all, if I ever had to find a pair of shoes that were stylish and inexpensive, I'm just saying the first place I'd look is Forever21. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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