Sunday, November 3, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: Lane Bryant Brocade Jacquard Blazer

Wow, this is the first Look-Alikes post I've done in a really long time! And to be honest, I actually really miss doing these posts in particular the most. They're easy and I love being able to find clothes/shoes/what have you's that look exactly the same....but for much less! :D This week's post is brought to you from Lane Bryant. I actually love Lane Bryant. In a mere 4 months (or so) I have noticed a COMPLETE AND TOTAL overhaul of their brand. I'm talkin' a 180 switch in their targeted demographic. In my opinion, Lane Bryant is obviously positioning themselves to be in direct competition with Torrid, which is really the only major name in younger curvy women's' fashion. I'm serious: take a walk-through next time you have the opportunity - you'll be pleasantly surprised, I promise. 

Enough of that! On to the meat and potatoes of this post: the look-alike of course! I'm seeing a lot of luxurious textiles for these coming holidays so I thought I'd showcase a plus-size option: the Brocade Jacquard Blazer. See the high-end below:

Stretch Jacquard Jacket, Lane Bryant, $99.95

It is a GORGEOUS blazer. The flat satin lapel is perfection. The price, unfortunately, isn't as perfect. That is a lot to spend on a decidedly formal jacket (i.e - how often will you really wear this after the holidays?). However, before I skip to the less expensive alternative, I'll mention that it looks like Lane Bryant is having a pretty big sale during the month of November. $25 off of $75, $50 off $150, and $75 off $225. So, saying you buy just the jacket, the actual cost of this blazer would be $74.95...which is still kind of spendy. But I say if it floats your boat! :P

Below is the look-alike curtesy of Torrid:

Brocade Blazer, Torrid, $64.50

Look familiar, much??? (I love question marks...?) The brocade jacquard fabric is extremely similar, as are the flat pockets (I don't know if they're functional. the only differences are that the Torrid version doesn't have the flat satin lapel and it has a TWO button closure instead of one hook and eye fastener. As far as price goes, the Torrid version is still on the more expensive side. 

For me, if I could combine the satin lapel of the Lane Bryant blazer with the double-button closure (I feel that's more flattering - and comfortable! - if you're bustier) it would be like the holy grail of Holiday jackets. Unfortunately, I'm not in the market for another black jacket/blazer, but I figured I'd give you fabulous readers the option. :D (You're welcome.) Have a lovely Sunday, and thanks for dropping by!

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