Friday, November 8, 2013

Representin' for the Gods (AKA: I'm completely obsessed with Tom Hiddleston)

Marvel Thor: The Dark World Loki Girls T-Shirt, Hot Topic (currently on sale!)

I went to see Thor: The Dark World tonight (opening night!). And...IT. WAS. AMAZING. In my opinion much better than the first. And my favorite Norse god (two guesses who...) got a much bigger part in the movie than I expected. But you didn't see me complaining! :D

I didn't even have this top when my sister and I got to the theater three hours early (I jest not). We took a tour threw Hot Topic and I literally gasped when I saw this shirt (is that weird, haha?). It only goes up to XL and while I would have preferred an XXL the fabric actually stretches really well. So we hopped into the ladies bathroom and I changed ASAP. I figured it was only appropriate. :P

Anyway, I won't give away anything about the move. I'll just say that if you are a super Avengers nerd like myself, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

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  1. I've been wanting to comment on this picture ever since you posted it! You remind me of myself in high school (no offense ^_~). Way to rock your nerdiness! I agree that the movie was very awesome and Loki was hilarious! I wanna see it again ^_^

  2. Yeah, suddenly I understand your high school self a little better I think, haha. I was just waiting on the right character/actor I guess. I would LOVE to see it again!!!


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