Sunday, December 1, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: Dolce & Gabbana Jewel and Pearl Embellished Clutch

Hello everyone! I thought since it is the first day of December (and the madness known as "Shopping for the Perfect Holdiay Outfit" has officially begun - or if you're me...began several weeks ago...) I thought I'd do a Look-Alikes post on a fun and glamorous accessory that is essential to any party wardrobe: the embellished clutch. 

Now, this first - and exorbitantly priced - bag is curtesy of Dolce & Gabbana, one of my personally favored designers. I've been following this design house religiously since they released their Spring/Summer magazine ads last year. D&G manages to somehow effortlessly capture the spirit and soul of Italy in their prints ads as well as in its runway shows. I love their over-embellished jewelry, and as I later came across, their clutches as well! See below:

Dolce & Gabbana Jewel and Pearl Embellished Clutch, Saks Fifth Avenue, $3,500

I tried finding a live link, but this bag proved somewhat difficult to find online. I'm guessing it's either sold out or one of those things that you can only buy in a brick and mortar store. Anyway, as it usually works with these types of posts, I found the less-expensive version first which reminded me of the more-expensive version. 

In this case, it was a clutch found on ASOS by the company River Island (I like their stuff a lot). It is not the cheapest lower-end version I've ever found, but if you compare it to the higher end...I'd say that's a pretty darn good alternative! See below for River Island's clutch:

River Island Gold Embellished Box Clutch, ASOS, $72.60

Even though it's not colorful like the actual D&B clutch, my memory of the D&G print campaign was immediately triggered - the luxe quality of the embellishments with the contrast of geometric and fluid lines. I happen to think this bag alone would take an okay outfit to an amazing one. Definitely a conversation-starter! (P.S - ASOS is having a BIG online sale through monday!)

Well, that's all for now. Hope your Thanksgiving break was amazing and have a great rest of the week!

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  1. Lol... Why am I not surprised you like that?! >_< Then again, you could prolly pull it off ^_~

  2. Oh, you know I would be rocking that thing so hard!!! What can I say? I have (very) expensive tastes. :D


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