Sunday, September 1, 2013

LOOK-ALIKES: The Lost Lanes Gold Antler Ring

Bonjour tout le monde! (I took 4 years of French in high school and two in college...can you tell? :P) Just trying to keep things spicy folks. Today is a Look-Alikes segment that I'm very excited about. One: because I was able to convince myself I wasn't crazy (read on for more details); Two: it's about an interesting and unique item; And three (and most importantly) it has to do with deer. And if you know me at all, you know that I am obsessed with all things deer (and lobsters...but that's a different story). I think they are simultaneously one of the cutest and most majestic creatures out there. The fact that people hunt them makes me so sad. 

First, a quick back story for you guys. I was browsing ASOS's website (as usual) and came across this interesting item. I probably would have snatched it up right then and there if it were a bracelet or earrings. Let's just say my fingers are too...curvy for most rings. Anyway, I went back a few days later to write this post and the ring was GONE. I searched high and low and there wasn't a trace of it anywhere on ASOS's site! So, I branched out to google and ran a search. Low and behold, I wasn't crazy! I found the exact same ring on another website! And here it is:

Toasted Crackerz: Plus Size Fashion Blog
Gold Antler Ring, The Lost Lanes, $155.18

It's cute, isn't it? It looks even cuter on the nice slim finger shown on the website. If I had just come across this, and not the low-end version barely a week later, I would have laid money on the table betting that this was a one of a kind piece. Lucky for me, and you, our old friend Forever21 came to the rescue of our meagre budgets with their version:

Toasted Crackerz: Plus Size Fashion Blog
Down-to-Earth Midi Ring, Forever21, $3.80

(Ugh! I just went to add the link for this and found out it's already off the website? Is it possible for something to go out of stock so fast???)

While normally I would delete this post immediately after finding the low-end item out of stock, I'm going to proceed and post it anyway. I feel reasonably comfortable saying that you could walk into your local F21 store and probably find this ring still in stock. If you absolutely have your heart set on this item, most women don't know if you call your local store or the customer service number on the website, they will help you track down a store that still carries what you're looking for. Sometimes they can even get the store to ship it either to your house or to your local store. 

There you have it! Another week, another Look Alike. I'm out peeps.

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