Wednesday, July 24, 2013

OOTD: A Little A-Symmetry

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G Hoops, Forever21, $3.80
Waterfall Wrap, Forever21+, (OLD!)
Mossimo Sleeveless Maxi Dress w/Asymmetrical Hem, Target, $24.99
Silver Mesh Flats, Forever21, (SOLD OUT) (Similar here and here)

I guess I'll briefly apologize right off the bat for the terrible photo quality (though you should know that I fiddled around with it on iPhoto and it looks about 10 times better than the original!). I put it up only because I really loved this outfit and I especially REALLY loved this Mossimo dress from Target. Anyway, that's that and we'll move on!

I think I'm slowly being sucked into one of Target's largest / most popular brands: Mossimo. Every time I see something new from the Mossimo line I am struck by how fashion forward - and more importantly, how AFFORDABLE - the pieces are. This is one of my latest purchases and I love it. At first, I wasn't sure about the Asymmetrical hem (I've never really been a fan). And I was particularly concerned about the fit (I bought this online). I didn't know how generous the Mossimo line is with their sizes, even though they go up to XXL. I've noticed Merona tends to run a little small and really tight in the hips. I was relieved to find that all the Mossimo purchases I made fit very well and weren't tight at all.

I was so happy this dress fit! The pattern is what grabbed me first, followed very closely by the summery / breezy feel. You can't see here, but the straps are adjustable (thank goodness!) spaghetti straps that lend the dress a distinctly sexy feel - in a mysterious Spanish kind of way...if that makes any sense! :D  But I was going to dinner with the parents, which as we all know calls for little sexiness, so I classed it up with one of my all time favorite sweater wraps (seriously, I got this thing when I was in high school!).

Well, I think that's all....yep. I'm done! See you guys next time!

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