Monday, July 22, 2013

OOTD: Show Your Spots and Stripes (R.I.P Eloquii!)

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Gold Medusa Pendant, Baublebar, $34.00
Ponte Stripe Mix Dress, Eloquii, (SOLD OUT) (Similar here)
Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Ballet Flat, Target, $14.99

Hello, all! I'm going to get real for a second and unashamedly admit that this is a knock-off outfit. But perhaps not in the sense you might be thinking! (I wish you all could hear my signature Frenchman laugh impression I did just now) To me it is a knock-off outfit only in the sense that I had worn the same outfit earlier this week to work (I know, shame on me, blah blah blah). I was just lounging around the house when the parents decided they wanted to go to PF Chang's and I needed to throw something on quick so I could bum an order of pan-fried pork dumplings off them (the dumplings are soo good I'm willing to stoop that low...don't tell me you wouldn't do the same!!! :P) This dress from Eloquii was still draped over the back of my chair so I went for it. Reusing outfits within a certain time frame doesn't really bother me and it just so happens that dresses are the quickest thing to put on in a hurry.

If you follow any other plus-size fashion blogs, you may have already heard the news that one of the very few exclusively plus-size clothing retailers online, Eloquii (a branch of The Limited), has gone out of business. By the time this post, posted, Eloquii's website will be taken down (I assume). It is my understanding that after only a year, the people in charge of Eloquii decided not to renew the brand due to some business-related reason (my guess is it wasn't making enough money).

On one hand I know business is fluid, and that it is to be expected that businesses come and businesses go. But as a plus-size woman it's always hard not to take something like Eloquii going out of business personally. I mean, plus-size women - whether that's a size 14 or a size 22 - make up a not so little (pardon the pun) slice of the fashion market. Why then is it so hard for many curvier ladies to find decent stores that hold decent clothes in our sizes in this day and age? It seems outrageous to me. Any smart business person in fashion should be doing everything they possibly can to exploit this new - and may I add - extremely profitable market.

Anyway, I won't go any further into than that. Plenty of other more eloquent women have ranted (I say that with love) about it enough. Sometimes it just sucks to be neglected by something you love so much (i.e - fashion) is all. 

So the dress, from Eloquii is awesome. Last I checked it was sold out, but I bet if you fancy yourself a scavenger you could find it floating around on Ebay or somewhere like that. I love the ponte material. Whoever came up with stretch ponte is a genius. I love the stripes on the bust. I've never, EVER been into sportswear (I don't even own a pair of tennis shoes for pete's sake!) but there is something sporty-looking about this dress that I love. I also love than my leopard shoes look awesome with the stripes and color palette. All in all, a very nice outfit that I don't doubt I'll be recycling again in the (near) future!

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