Friday, July 5, 2013

In the Name of Independence!

(ATTENTION! This week's DIY Friday has been suspended due to the holiday! It will be up and running again next week)

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Every year, as far back as my memory of living in our current house goes, we've celebrated the Fourth of July. Not in the typical way of most Americans with extended families over, a backyard barbecue, and fire-works (though I did petition my mother for sparklers this year...and failed). Are you wondering what the heck is wrong with my family yet? Instead, my sister and her husband came over, and we had our annual indoor "picnic" of sorts. 

I'll be honest, we've tried the eat-outdoors-and-smile-and-laugh-as-we-enjoy-our-meal thing, but let's get real, shall we? Eating outdoors sucks. The wind. The hot sun. The bugs (*shudder*). It's simply not glamorous, darling. So we eat our barbecue food inside, and I'd say we're all the more happier for it. My dad makes hot dogs on the grill. That's about as barbecue-y as we get, actually. The real tradition is in the food we eat. 

When I was little my mom let me make "menu" of all the foods we'd be having for our 4th of July dinner. I was in to scrapbooking then (yes, as a child!) and made it all fancy with different papers and scroll-y text. We've stopped making fancy menus since then, but we always plan to eat the same foods every year: Sweet corn on the cob, potato salad, hot dogs, macaroni (for my sister and I - it never gets old!), watermelon, and baked beans. To drink we have tangy lemonade and my dad always - ALWAYS - has to have his unsweetened ice tea. 
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But before all that, we decided to mix things up a bit and visit the Art and the Vineyard celebration early in the afternoon. It's a kind of cultural fair where artisans of every medium can display and sell their works. It was great: the weather was as perfect as it could be, the musical artists were really good, and we found some fun bird-related items for my mom and grandma (hummingbirds for the former, great blue herons for the latter :D). 

The real highlight of my sister's day (I'm going to go on a limb here) was when she got to hold the cutest, SOFTEST, little bunny that was in the small zoo that was set up for kids. She's been wanting an Angora bunny for a while now (she wants to spin their fur into thread for knitting/crocheting - don't worry! It doesn't hurt them!). Also in the picture you can see my dad's finger, haha.

Toasted Crackerz: Plus-Size Fashion Blog
Our picture got duck-bombed! Right after this about 5 more ducks converged on us!

It may be the same food and drinks every single year, but it always tastes good. Especially when it is shared with your family. I hope you had a very happy independence day, everyone. I hope you got to spend time with the people and things that are truly important to you!

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