Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pre-Fall Picks for the Plus-Size Girls

I'm sorry everyone for the weird gap I've had recently in blog posts. I've definitely dropped the ball this week! To make it up to you I'm going to upload another post write after this, and I have Sunday's Look-Alikes post all ready to go. Thanks for your patience!

I titled this post "Pre-Fall Picks" because to me it isn't yet fall. Or, at least we haven't had much fall weather here in Eugene yet. However, all the stores have almost all their fall stuff out already - hence, the "Pre-fall." :D

I LOVE fall. Like, seriously, if I could find a place where it was early fall weather (mid-sixties to early seventies), and the trees were always just changing color year-round, I would move there. IMMEDIATELY. Early fall in Oregon is really spectacular. We have so much foliage in the valley (where I live) that it looks like...it's hard to describe. It's just beautiful. Now, I say early fall because mid-fall and right through to the end of spring it rains almost 100% of the time. The rain is nice...until you have to walk a mile to the bus stop in it (I'm currently on the hunt for some wide-calf rain boots)...and it doesn't stop for days on end. I get SAD (as in "seasonal affective disorder" - for those of you who live in sunnier environments) something awful so overcast weather is hard for me to deal with.

Anyway, let's get down to the meat and potatoes of this post: my personal pre-fall favorites for the curvier ladies. I'm so happy with where plus-size fashion is going - there are so many great options! - that it was hard to select just a few. But I was able to whittle it down to nine (...I know that's a weird number. But what can I say? I love an odd number. :P):

Toasted Crackerz: Plus Size Fashion Blog
1. Leopard Jersey Skater Dress, Dorothy Perkins
2. Spiked Moto Jacket, Forever21+
3. H&M+ Sweater, H&M
4. Dennis Basso Striped Tipped Faux Fur Vest with Knit Side Panels, QVC
5. Virgo Astrology Sign Tank Top, Torrid
6. New Look Inspire Drape Front Leather Look Jacket, ASOS Curve
7. Black Ponte Zip Wrap Skirt, Dorothy Perkins (Larger sizes sold out. Similar here)
8. H&M+ Jersey Dress, H&M
9. Beaded Faux Tusk Necklace, Forever21

I'm wearing the leopard dress from Dorothy Perkins as I write this and I'm am mostly pleased with it. It is made out of an extremely light-weight stretch jersey and the skirt is very swingy. I also love that the sleeves are three quarter. The skirt is a decent length on my short frame. The only thing I'm on the fence about (though not enough to return it) is the waist. It is very loose. But I'm afraid if I had gone down a size the waist it would have been tight enough that it stretched just enough over my tummy to be unflattering. I've found Dorothy Perkins sizes to be frustratingly inconsistent. 

Hold the phone y'all! I think I may have found the perfect fur vest. First of all, I'm not opposed to wearing real fur (it's a personal choice and I don't judge people's personal choices in the matter) but real fur is crazy expensive. Because of that fact, finding a real fur vest in bigger sizes is pretty much impossible. And the ones that are in plus sizes are CRAZY expensive. So I turned my attentions to the politically correct faux furs - which I'm very pleased to say have come a long way as far as how realistic they look. Yet, even among the wealth of faux fur vests I was still having a hard time finding one that fit my perfect trifecta of wants: size, price, and style. I didn't want a short vest. I didn't want a zipper/closure that was painfully obvious. I wanted a naturally-colored fur. And the list went on. 

Only recently did I turn my mouse pointer to QVC's website. I was so surprised with the selections. I couldn't believe it! They had high-end designers and trendy celebrity collections for AMAZING prices! And on QVC did I finally find my vest: Dennis Basso's faux fur vest. It's pretty much perfect. The faux fur is incredibly realistic looking, the length is great, there is no zipper (only well-concealed hook and eye closures), and I LOVE the collar that can be popped up to frame your face. The ONLY thing that makes it not be 100% perfect is the fact that there are ribbed panels on the side of the vest (I assume to add some shape) and I would prefer to have fur all the way around. But the other pluses make up for this one small thing.

As for the other items, they are just some trendier essentials I think any curvy lady would be smart to have in her wardrobe. I think I'll leave it at that for now. See you guys later and thanks for stopping by!

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